ISO Certification

The basic goal of the AMTRA GROUP is to care about quality, which is understood as continuous improvement in the satisfaction of our Customers' expectations in respect of the chemicals delivered to them.

We want to continuously improve not only the quality of our products, but also the satisfaction of our Customers' expectations.

ISO Certificate

Continuous improvement of the fulfilment of our Customers' expectations covers mostly the improvement of those processes which directly influence these expectations, i.e.: assurance of high quality of the produced goods, satisfaction of the needs and exceeding the expectations of our Customers in respect of chemicals for the cleaning, car and catering branch which are delivered to them. The quality of goods, timeliness of deliveries as well as innovations are the main elements based on which our Company is being evaluated by the market. All these values have been incorporated in our company's mission. We would also like to constantly cultivate the relations with our Customers through high involvement of all our employees in the tasks performed by them.

In consideration of the above, Nanochem Sp. z o.o. has implemented and put to certification a Quality Management System which is consistent with ISO 9001:2008.

In 2015 once again our Quality Management System passed a certifying audit and received certification. The scope of the said certification covers the 'Production and distribution of chemicals for the cleaning, car and catering branch'.


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