Discover the new ecological Clinex Green products with the Ecolabel certificate

The new Clinex Green line includes ecological preparations for cleaning various surfaces. Clinex Green products are effective, reliable, efficient, and their composition does not have a negative impact on the environment, which is confirmed by the EU ECOLABEL environmental excellence certificate. Thus, the Green line fits perfectly into the Clinex brand ideology "Safe for you, safe for Earth". Go to the green side of the force.

Discover new ecological products for professional cleaning of various surfaces with the Ecolabel certificate.

Clinex Green Floor Ecological, concentrated, very effective and efficient preparation intended for daily care of all waterproof floors.

Clinex Green Glass An effective, reliable, and above all ecological preparation in the form of foam for cleaning windows, mirrors, crystals, enameled and laminated surfaces, as well as stainless steel elements.

Clinex Green Multi Ecological, ready-to-use preparation for removing all typical and greasy dirt.

Clinex Green Sanit Ecological, delicate cleaning preparation based on citric acid. Safe for all types of surfaces, including enamelled, acrylic, chrome, nickel-plated and plastic elements.

How to reduce costs through ecological activities?

Proper dosing and the lowest recommended temperature promotes lower water and energy consumption and less water pollution. Additionally, the use of professional cleaning agent concentrates ensures great efficiency and better effectiveness. You can read about savings and ways to reduce costs in a cleaning company in this article.

What is ECOLABEL certificate?

The ECOLABEL certificate confirms the effectiveness and quality of products while maintaining strict EU requirements regarding ecology at all stages of the product life cycle. Verification covers, among others, elements such as the acquisition of raw materials, the production process, use, and disposal or recycling of the product. Therefore, the ECOLABEL accreditation system is a program that consumers trust.

You can find more about the ECOLABEL certificate and the ecological activities of the Clinex brand in this article .

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