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Clinex FastPlast Clinex FastPlast eng

1L 77-695

Liquid Cleaner for Plastic Surfaces

Properties: Liquid cleaner for plastic surfaces, and computer, radio & TV equipment. The agent removes dirt from porous surfaces and leaves an antistatic layer that prevents the accumulation of dust. Leaves no streaks or damp patches.

Directions: For plastic surfaces, computer, radio & TV equipment, plastic window & door frames, and garden furniture.


Clinx Floral Forte engClinx Floral Forte

1L 77-705

5L 77-706

10L 77-707

Liquid for Routine Floor Cleaning

Properties: Highly concentrated liquid for cleaning floors. This agent is suitable for both routine cleaning and removing persistent forms of dirt. It cleans and preserves surfaces flawlessly, leaving a fresh shine and protecting against the accumulation of new dirt. Does not leave streaks and has a pleasant, long-lasting scent.


Clinex M3 Acid engClinex M3 Acid

1L 77-696

5L 77-697

10L 77-698

Acidic formula for daily cleaning of sanitary fixtures. Properties: Concentrated, low foaming, acidic preparation for cleaning washable and acid resistant floors. Designed for cleaning sanitary fixtures. Formula with strong cleaning power that removes limestone, grime, soap residues and lives a nice scent. Depending from the dilution of the preparation can be used for routine cleaning and thorough cleaning wet rooms. Suitable for hand wash as well as machine wash. Works really fast.


Clinex Glass PROFIT engClinex Glass PROFIT

1L 77-701

5L 77-702

Super concentrate for cleaning glass objects and surfaces

Properties: Efficient and reliable super concentrate for cleaning windows, mirrors, crystals, enamel and laminated surfaces, as well as stainless steel. Removes even ingrained dirt, grease and insects. Top quality of the product guarantees immaculately clean windows, free from streaks.  Antistatic properties act as dust repellant.


Clinex Wood&PanelClinex Wood&Panel

1L 77-689

5L 77-690

Cleaning liquid for laminate floors and varnished wood

Properties: Concentrated formula for cleaning laminate floors and varnished wood. Provides flawless results. - Unique formula reduces accumulation of dirt and helps to keep it clean. Leaves a brilliant shine. Deepen colour and provides a pleasant scent.