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Clinex M3Acid

KTM 77-696
Product description

Acidic formula for daily cleaning of sanitary fixtures.

Product features

Concentrated, low foaming, acidic preparation for cleaning washable and acid resistant floors. Designed for cleaning sanitary fixtures. Formula with strong cleaning power that removes limestone, grime, soap residues and lives a nice scent. Depending from the dilution of the preparation can be used for routine cleaning and thorough cleaning wet rooms. Suitable for hand wash as well as machine wash. Works really fast.


  • 1L 77-696
  • 5L 77-697
  • 10L 77-698
How to use

Dilution ratio for thorough cleaning: from 2 to 10 % (200 – 1000 ml / 10l of water). Other tough dirt: from 1 to 5 % (100 – 500 ml / 10l of water). Routine cleaning: from 0,1 to 0,5 % (10 – 50 ml/ 10l water). 

Product video