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Clinex M6 Medium

KTM 77-094
Product description

Daily floor cleaner 

Product features

Low foaming preparation for water-resistant hard floors. Fast and effectively removes dirt leaving long-term pleasant scent. Intended for cleaning with mops, scrubbers and single disc machines.


  • 77-094 - 5 L
  • 77-095 - 10 L 
How to use

Depending on the cleaning frequency and the amounts of dirt deposits the following solution should be used:
- machine cleaning: 0.5-2% solution (50-200 ml/10 L of water)
- manual cleaning: 50-500 ml/10 L of water
Note: Do not apply this preparation on water sensitive surfaces (e.g. not impregnated wood, cork). Before the application it is recommended to test the preparation on a small floor surface in a less visible place.