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Clinex 4Dirt

KTM 77-641
Product description

Universal, Biodegradable Product for Removing Grease-based Contamination.

Product features

Broad spectrum of applications, Effective at low dilutions, Safe for aluminium surfaces. Clinex 4DIRT is a concentrated, versatile agent, designed to remove all kinds of tough, grease-based stains from various surfaces, such as concrete floors, PVC, natural and artificial stone, tiles, laminates, etc. Effectively dissolves vegetable oil and grease from animal products, as well as other oil products and multilayer grime build-ups. Can be used to clean water-resistant surfaces in catering businesses, processing industries, on industrial floors in workshops,and in repair businesses and auto shops. Can also be used to wash work clothes. Formula is biodegradable.


  • 77-640 - 1l 
  • 77-641 - 5l 
  • 77-642 - 10l
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