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Clinex AIR PLUS- Oriental - Air freshener free of allergens

KTM 77-007
Product description

Air Freshener - Allergen free. Fresh breeze

Product features

Ready to use air freshener, containing smell compositions without any allergens. Safe to use Thanks to the revolutionary formula, the product, quickly and effectively, refreshes the air and neutralizes the unpleasant smells. The product has great effectiveness, when used (around 650 single applications possible).

For the purpose of making the air within the rooms fresh, and for the purpose of neutralizing the unpleasant smells.

How to use

Depending on the expected effect of the deodorization procedure, volume of the room, and intensity of ventilation, we need to activate the freshener spraying unit from 1 to 5 times. In case of the sanitary rooms, the substance shall be sprayed behind the water closet, urinal, and, in the remaining cases, in the corners of the rooms, close to the floor. Spray onto the washable surfaces, not into the air.

Long term usage on the plastic, glossy surfaces may make them go matte.