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Nano Protect Silver Odour Killer Green Tea - Odour neutralization agent

KTM 77-351
Product description

Odour-neutralization Agent.

Product features

Innovative product for neutralizing odours. Contains activenanoparticles, which act in concert with other ingredientsto make this product uniquely effective at eliminatingunpleasant odours. It removes unpleasant organic smellsthrough catalytic oxidation, cleaning the air and restoringfreshness. Active nanoparticles neutralize unpleasantodours completely, not only removing the scent but, mostimportantly, the source of the smell itself. Beyond momentaryeffects, this product offers long-lasting performance. Leaves no stains.

TM Green Tea

  • 77-351 - 1 l
How to use

Odour neutralizer. Fights and neutralizes kitchen and sanitaryodours, the smell of tobacco smoke, car exhaustfumes, sweat, the smell of decay, as well as unpleasantanimal (dog, cat, horse) and plant odours. It not only masksunpleasant smells, but neutralizes them completely at theirsource. Available in three scent versions.