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Clinex DishHard

KTM 77-056
Product features

Washing liquid for professional use in dishwashers intended for very hard water. Removes baked-on food and tough grease. Clears unwanted particles from your dishes, e.g. tea, and coffee, as well as proteines, or lipstick stains. Preparation suitable for cleaning china, stainless steel, glass and cutlery. Advanced formula prevents from calcic, magnesium and silicate limes. For best results, we recommend you use with Clinex ShineHard. 


77-056 - Clinex DishHard 10 L
77-057 - Clinex DishHard 20 L

How to use

Use as recommended by the manufacturer of the washing equipment. Depending on how dirty the dishes are it is recommended to use a concentration of 1 ml up to 5 ml per 1 L of water.