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Clinex W3 Multi

KTM 77-119
Product description

Concentrated Agent for Cleaning Sanitary Rooms and Bathrooms.

Product features

Highly efficient, concentrated and fast-acting agent for daily care of acid-resistant and waterproof sanitary appliances(e.g. toilet bowls, urinals, bidets, and porcelain and ceramic washbasins); for thorough cleaning of floors in industrialhalls, swimming pools, and sanitary rooms; excellent for cleaning joints. Ensures effective removal of scale, limestone,cement and urine sediments, rust, grease, and soap remains. Has a pleasant scent.


Available  packaging:  

  • 77-076 - bottle    1 L 
  • 77-119 - canister   5 L
How to use

Use appropriate dilution of the agent for the needed cleaningmethod. Suitable for both manual and machine cleaning(with the use of Clinex Anti-Foam). Intended for cleaningand destoning food-service equipment (convectionovens, food warmers, cooking boilers, etc.); for cleaningtoilet bowls, urinals, bidets, baths, washbasins, showerenclosures, tiles, drain holes, and U-bends.

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