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Clinex ShineHard

KTM 77-054
Product description

Rinse aid agent for the industrial dishwashers for hard water

Product features

Highly concentrated preparation intended for professional use in dishwashers. Formula contains components that leave dishes shiny, maintaining dishwasher free from lame scale at the same time. For best results, we recommend you use with Clinex DishHard.
Intended use: It is particularly recommended for industrial dishwashers in restaurants,
hotels, canteens and for home dishwashers.

Available capacities:

  • 77-054 canister 5L
  • 77-055 canister 10L
How to use

Use as recommended by the manufacturer of the washing equipment. It is recommended to use a concentration 0,1 ml up to 0,5 ml per 1 L of water, depending on how dirty the dishes are.

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