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Clinex W3 Forte

KTM 77-652
Product description

Ready to use, fast and strong acting for cleaning toilets and bathrooms.

Product features

Acidic preparation for in-depth cleaning of stubborn dirt in bathrooms and sanitary facilities. To be applied on any materials and surfaces resistant to acids. Effectively removes rust, scale, lime sediments and soap buildups. Strongly recommended for cleaning water-closet pans, urinals, bidets and washbasins. Eliminates urine odours.


  • 77-634 - 1L
  • 77-652 - 10L


The product is intended for cleaning bathtubs, paddling pools, shower cabinets, bathroom fixtures, elements made of stainless steel, tiles, floors, rifts, cement joints.

How to use

Shake before use. Apply the preparation evenly over the dirty surface, spread it thoroughly, leave for approx. 1 minute and then wash the surface with running water. The preparation leaves no streaks. No dry-wiping is required.