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Clinex Drill

KTM 77-005
Product description

Siphons for kitchen, washbasin, toilet bowls, bath and shower drains. Used at home as well as in HORECA business. 

Product features

Sewage drains cleaning gel. Dissolves food residue, fats, soaps. Effective even in stagnant water. Eliminates odors. Ready-to-use gel for clearing pipes and siphons in sewage systems. It quickly dissolves all solid and organic pollutants such as fat, paper, cotton wool, kitchen waste. The gel form allows the preparation to settle on the walls of the pipes, prolonging the process of operation. Eliminates odors. It is suitable for clearing pipes both in the kitchen and bathroom.

How to use

Read the precautions before use. In order to open the package, tighten the nut and turn it according to the drawing on the nut. When pouring the product into the sewage system, take special precautions. Pour into the clogged outflow of 200 - 500 ml of the preparation, leave for 15 - 30 minutes to dissolve the deposits in the drain, then rinse thoroughly with warm water (not boiling). Repeat if necessary. Do not allow complete clogging of sewer lines. Do not allow to overheat product in temperature above 25ºC. Keep in shaded place beyond the reach of children.

Logistics data

Capacity: 1L