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Clinex W3 Active SHIELD

KTM 77-708
Product description

Product for daily cleaning of sanitary fixtures with active polimer protection.

Product features

Polimeric agent for acid resistant surfaces. Removing limescale, greasy dirt and soap residue. Formula provides nice scent and streak-free shine. Contains polimeric components that repels dust making subsequent washing easier. Formula creates active shield on the surfaces being cleaned. 


Available  packaging:  

  • 77-708 bottle 1L 
  • 77-709 canister 5L 
How to use

Ready-for-use preparation for day-to-day cleaning of baths, shower bases, shower units, sanitary fixtures made of enamel, stainless steel, urinals, handbasins (made of ceramic and plastic), tiles etc. Spray the preparation onto the surface to be cleaned, remove dirt and residues. In order to create the active shield spray the preparation onto the surface once again, do not wipe dry, and rinse off with water.

Product video