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Clinex Floral Fruit

KTM 77-887
Product description

Provides flawless results and a brilliant shine. Efficient. Refreshing aroma.

Product features

Concentrated and efficient formula designed for all types of washable surfaces. Evaporates quickly, leaving the surface without streaks. Ensures the surfaces are left clean and fresh scented.
Intended use: Suitable to all types of washable surfaces. Can be used on day-to-day basis.

Available  packagings: 

  • 77-887 bottle 1L 
  • 77-888 canister 5L 
  • 77-889 canister 10L


How to use

Shake before use. Adjust formula concentration to the degree of greasiness. Dilution rate: 50-200 ml/ 10 L water.

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