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Clinex Shine Steel

KTM 77-500
Product description

Cleaning and Glossing Agent for Stainless Steel.

Product features

Agent for cleaning and preserving high-grade stainless steel. Is suitable for effective care of cabinets, dishwashers, refrigerated display cases, tin elements on lift doors, and other equipment made of high-grade stainless steel. Spreads easily, evaporates quickly, and does not leave any greasy stains or streaks on surfaces. The agent unifies the surface, gives it a shine, preserves it, and protects against the accumulation of dirt. Should not be used for surfaces that have direct contact with food.


  • 77-628 - 650 ml
  • 77-500 - 5 l
How to use

Particularly recommended for cleaning both the internal and external elements of elevators, balustrades, window sills, handles, cornices, landings, protective strips, devices and furniture made of stainless steel.

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