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Clinex DishGlass

KTM 77-072
Product description

Washing liquid for glassware in commercial dishwashers

Product features

Protects from corrosion and glass tarnish, safe for health – chlorine and NTA free, does not leave damps. Concentrated, alkaline, low foaming washing liquid for glass dishes in commercial dishwashers. Product is recommended especially for glass, porcelain and alkali-resistant materials. Product has a perfect washing properties, removes perfectly coffee, tea sediments and lipstick stains. Works anti-corrosive, prevents the destruction of washed dishes. NTA and chlorine free.
Intended use:  Recommended for industrial dishwashers in restaurants, hotels, canteens etc.


Available capacities:

  • 77-072 canister 5 L
  • 77-073 canister 10 L
How to use

Use according to the washing equipment  manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on the dirtiness of dishes  it is recommended to use a concentration of 1 ml up to 5 ml per 1 L of water.