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Clinex Fast Gast

KTM 77-667
Product description

Ready to use product for removing greasy dirt.

Product features

Ready-to-use agent for removing all types of grease and oil stains. With the ability to emulsify fat, dissolves strong and stubborn oil-fatty dirt, food scraps, burnt leftovers while leaving no streakson cleaned surfaces. Applications of sprayer makes the agent is simple to use, while ensuringprecision dosing and getting to hard –to- reach places. It has a pleasant, fresh scent.

How to use

To wash water-resistant surfaces in catering, manufacturing industry exposed to fatty deposits.The product is recommended for cleaning all types of hard surfaces, in kitchen and gastronomy,and the surface of the food industry: kitchen hoods, countertops, tables, floors and walls.

Method of Use: Shake before use. Apply the product directly into the surface to be cleaned, wait a moment andwipe dry with clean cloth. Repeat if necessary.Note: surfaces that come into contact with food should be rinsed with large amounts of waterafter cleaning.

Product video