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Sanitary rooms

Sanitary Rooms

Our products have been developed with special regard to your needs either as concentrated agents or as easy- and ready-to-use sprays that are perfect for cleaning poorly accessible places and daily cleaning.

Clinex W3 Bacti

Clinex W3 BactiKTM: 77-699

Clinex W3 Multi

Clinex W3 MultiKTM: 77-119

Clinex W3 Active BIO

Clinex W3 Active BIOKTM: 77-517

Clinex Liquid Soap

Clinex Liquid SoapKTM: 77-521

Clinex W3 Forte

Clinex W3 ForteKTM: 77-652

Clinex W3 Active SHIELD

Clinex W3 Active SHIELDKTM: 77-708