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Clinex Nano Protect Floral

KTM 77-334
Product description

Nanoliquid for cleaning of floors.

Product features

Cleaning agent intended for water-resistant floors, having pleasant lemon fragrance alergen free. It contains silicon nanoparticles that modify cleaned surfaces to protect them against depositing dirt. Leaves a slightly glossy surface, without streaks.


For regular daily care and cleaning of water-resistant floors made of ceramic glazed tiles, stone tiles, varnished wood, wood-like panels, plastics and PVC. 


  • 77-333 1L
  • 77-33 1-5L
How to use

Shake before use. For machine and manual cleaning. Depending on the amounts of dirt deposited on cleaned surfaces use the product suitably diluted: 50 - 100ml/10l of water.