Out of concern
for our future

the Clinex brand is focusing on your safety
and safety of the environment

The sign
“Safe for You | Safe for Earth
on Clinex products guarantees the safety
of use for the user and the environment.



safe for You

Safe for the skin
Safe for respiratory system
No mutagenic ingredients
Do not cause inhalant allergy

safe for Earth

Safe for aquatic organisms
Contain a minimum of 90% natural ingredients
Biologically neutral
Recycled packaging

PROGRAM “Safe for You, Safe for Earth”

We, the employees of the Amtra Group, are in the process of implementing changes that will allow us to confidently present the philosophy of “Safe for you, safe for the Earth”. For us, these are not only products, but also a way for the Clinex brand to exist. Below, we present a list of tasks that we have set ourselves. All of them will allow to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by limiting the so-called “carbon footprint”. We believe that it is possible to combine the production of effective, efficient, competitive products of professional cleaning chemicals with care of the environment and of the future generations.

Safe formulas for 26 products

1L recycled packaging

Cardboard packaging made of recycled paper

Another ecological safe formulas

5L, 10L, 20L recyclable packaging

Ecological marketing materials


ISO 14001

Ecological transport

Rainwater harvesting

Biodegradable packaging

Collection of used packaging

Minimalization of used packaging


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