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Clinex Smog

KTM 77-022
Product description

Smog. Convection oven liquid cleaner

Product features

Highly effective. Removes smog and burnt-on grease. For automatic feeding

Properties: Very strong alkaline liquid inteded for removing dirt, roasted grease and smoke stains from many different surfaces resistantce to alkaline. Ideally dissolve the most roasted food leftovers.

Intended use: Convection oven liquid cleaner.

How to use

Shake well before use. Manual cleaning – heat up or cool down the oven to 40 – 50 °C, apply undiluted cleaning agent evenly on the surface, close the oven door. Leave for several minutes to dissolve dirt. Next, enable the function of cooking in the temperature of 50 – 60 °C (vapour on the walls of the oven will make the dirt flow down). Rinse the cleaned surface thoroughly with water. Cleaning of the oven featuring a self-cleaning routine: insert the pipe into the canister and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the device. Important: once the cleaning is completed, wipe the door seals with a damp cloth thoroughly. Warning: The product may change its colour to straw-yellow over time. This does not constitute a product defect and does not affect its cleaning properties. Do not apply on aluminium, copper, painted or varnished surfaces. Always rinse the product thoroughly. Pre-testing on a small area is recommended before the use.