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Clinex Glass

KTM 77-111
Product description

Glass Panes Cleaning Liquid.

Product features

Effective and reliable liquid for cleaning of glass panes, mirrors, crystals, enamel and laminate surfaces as well as stainless steel elements. The liquid ensures effective removal of even the most permanent, dried-up dirt and grease. Its high quality guarantees the achievement of crystal-clear, shining glass panes without any streaks or damp patches. The agent which is enriched with anti-static ingredients protects the surfaces against quick accumulation of dirt. It does not require any initial cleaning of the glass panes. KTM 

  • 77-110 - 1 l  
  • 77-111 - 5 l  
How to use

Recommended for cleaning of glass, enamel, laminate and stainless steel surfaces. It spreads easily and dries quickly.