11 disinfection areas in hotel facilities

The coronavirus has changed the world and also changed our approach to life. Its negative effects include, first of all, the death of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. But not only. It also means a slowdown in the economy and a shutdown of many industries, including the hotel industry. Since we do not yet have an effective weapon to get rid of the virus once and for all, we must learn to live with it. At least until a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 is found. And with this approach, the Ministry meets the needs of many citizens and owners of hotel facilities. They will be unfreezed already in the second stage of easing restrictions related to the epidemic in our country. However, returning to normality will not be that easy. Hotel operations will return, but under new sanitary conditions.

A new reality in hotel facilities

The coronavirus has imposed a new reality on everyone. Since the first case was confirmed in our country, everything has changed. It gradually and successively paralyzed all industries one by one. This stop gave us time to choose an appropriate strategy to fight the coronavirus. Unfortunately, this fight is unequal because the enemy is invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, it requires exceptional vigilance from us. Maintaining hygiene and sanitary rules will allow us to survive this difficult time for all of us and return to normality.

Hotel facilities face a big challenge related to the return and gradual unfreezing of the economy. Hotels will soon be reopened to their guests, but their reception will take place under new conditions with great emphasis on professional disinfection. This process is currently our only weapon to fight the virus.

Disinfection of hotel facilities during the coronavirus pandemic

The reopening of hotel facilities carries a certain risk of an increase in the number of cases. To remedy this, professional disinfection and exceptional attention to hygiene in this type of facilities are necessary. As we know, a lot of people pass through hotel rooms. Each of them leaves behind huge amounts of microorganisms. To prevent additional customers from getting sick, all areas should be regularly disinfected, such as:

In addition to rooms generally accessible to customers, such as corridors, toilets, rooms and banquet halls, the following also require disinfection:

Areas that are regularly disinfected are primarily those elements that are touched most often by customers. Therefore, you should especially remember to frequently wipe door handles, elevator panels, handrails and countertops with a disinfectant, especially at the reception desk. For frequent use, it is best to use preparations based on didedecyldimethylammonium chloride, such as DEZOFast by Clinex. Why? Well, popular disinfectants are mainly based on high concentration of alcohol (above 60%). Many surfaces are sensitive to alcohol, which can lead to corrosion and damage. The DEZOFast product will effectively clean and disinfect all washable surfaces without damaging them.

Clinex Dezofast – for daily disinfection!

DEZOFast was created for all public facilities. It will be perfect in the catering and hotel industry, as an effective and safe weapon in the fight against the coronavirus. It is easy to use, just spray it on the surface to be cleaned, leave it for a few moments, and then wipe it with a cloth, spreading it over the entire surface. As a cleaning and disinfecting product, it can be a universal cleaning preparation for all hotel facilities in the current situation. Due to the fact that it is a high-performance preparation, often used in hospitals, various institutions and long-term care facilities, it will also be reliable in the fight for proper hygiene in hotel facilities.

For daily disinfection of large surfaces, such as floors, it is recommended to choose a more economical solution. A good option will be Clinex DEZOFast Koncentrat, which, in addition to being effective, is characterized by very high efficiency, which may prove to be an ideal solution for hoteliers and restaurateurs, and at the same time it will not significantly burden their budgets. The preparation has a biocidal product marketing authorization number no. 8007/20 and is available in two sizes. The first one is 1 liter and the second one is 5 liters in a canister.

It is important to emphasize that every customer who checks out of their room must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected of all washable surfaces. The bathroom is worth taking special care of, as this is where viruses and bacteria usually have the best living conditions. In the context of the coronavirus, this is also a particularly dangerous place. Therefore, professional disinfection of toilets in hotel rooms is necessary. Towels and bedding should be washed at a minimum temperature of 60°C.

High standards of cleanliness as an indicator of safety

There is no doubt that maintaining high hygiene standards in hotel facilities is an indicator of safety and professionalism. Therefore, properly carried out and professional disinfection will play a key role in the hotel industry’s return to the market.

Summer is coming and with it we are more willing to travel. To make staying in hotel rooms safe for us, the owners of the facilities must properly prepare for our return. First of all, you can’t miss professional disinfection fluids. Only proven ones intended for hotel facilities will bring the expected results. The use of preparations of unknown origin or so-called “homemade” products does not guarantee effectiveness. Coronavirus is a particularly dangerous virus for which there is currently no cure. Therefore, it is worth purchasing the only effective weapon we have at our disposal at the moment, i.e. professional preparations for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in hotel facilities. Equipping all hotel rooms with hand disinfectant gels will also increase the psychological comfort and safety of customers. The customer will be able to use them at any time, which will also reduce the risk of spreading microorganisms. Such a hotel will certainly gain trust and improve hygiene standards.


Finally, it should be emphasized how important it is to properly train staff and prepare them for the new reality. We all need to change our habits and learn to function in new realities. Only conscious, safe and well-thought-out actions will help us survive this difficult time. It will still be fine… It will still be normal… We just have to be responsible and take care of each other!

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