Welcome to the world of the Clinex brand.

We are a Polish company with over 30 years of tradition, producing professional Clinex chemicals, dedicated to the broadly understood cleaning industry. The brand has been setting standards in the industry for years, being both a guardian and a companion of our clients. The products are the result of continuous work aimed at offering solutions that respond to the real needs of users.

Our slogan ” We care for cleanliness responsibly” is not an empty slogan, but the foundation of every decision and innovation. At Clinex, we believe that responsibility means not only efficiency, but also safety, ecology and ethics . Therefore, our social responsibility (CSR) activities are inextricably linked to every aspect of our business, from product formulas, through production processes, to support for local communities and ecological initiatives.

Discover with us a world where purity goes hand in hand with care for the future of our planet.

What is the strength of the brand?


Value for money

We are a wise choice. We approach our business practically because we know and believe that our clients also run their businesses this way.


Recipe + ecology

The strength of our brand is our concern primarily for product users, but also for the environment and cleaned surfaces.


Customer service + training

We are a Polish brand, always nearby, always available, always at your fingertips. We focus on close relationships and individual support.