Liquid dispensers

Clinex liquid dispensers will help you prepare working solutions with the right concentrations. Thanks to this, you can easily and effectively remove dirt and ensure the efficiency of cleaning products.

Liquid dispensers

To use the preparations effectively and economically, you need working solutions with the right concentrations. You will receive them thanks to professional chemical dispensers and concentrate dilution systems. They are used in the food industry, catering, hotel industry and in companies that provide cleaning services.

Professional liquid dispensers

The working solution is prepared from water and concentrate – the correct proportions of both ingredients are very important. Thanks to this, you will effectively clean surfaces, remove difficult dirt and ensure safety while cleaning. Appropriate proportions of water and concentrate are also a source of savings resulting from the efficiency of specialized cleaning agents. Clinex’s offer includes liquid dispensers in various variants and with specific purposes.

Dosing of chemicals

When cleaning, it is worth using professional liquid dispensers. Thanks to them, you can use chemicals simply and economically. How? Dispensers will allow you to precisely adjust the amounts of cleaning agents to the level of dirt, specific surfaces or devices you want to clean.

Our offer includes dispensers for washing devices and for diluting chemical concentrates. They are used in the catering, food and hotel industries. Professional cleaning companies also use such dosing systems.

Which liquid dispenser should you choose?

A professional liquid dispenser is characterized by several key features. Above all, it should be easy to use, safe, durable and efficient. We have this in mind. For this reason, we only offer liquid dispensers that perform their function perfectly. We also know how important it is to properly install the dosing system. Therefore, each set includes a complete assembly package.

Types of professional cleaning agent dispensers

We know how important a role professional liquid dispensers play. To meet different needs and cover all possible applications, we have created a range of specific fluid dispensing systems.

We have adapted Clinex dispensers for intensive use. Our liquid dispensing systems offer reliability and efficiency, helping you manage cleaning products effectively.

We present several proven solutions of dosing systems, which are available with a complete assembly package:

  • Peristaltic pumps for dosing chemicals into catering dishwashers. They have two dispensers – one for the cleaning liquid, the other for the rinse aid. Clinex peristaltic pumps are characterized by small size and adjustable performance. They ensure operational reliability.
  • The water-powered pro-wash dispenser is perfect for specialized cleaning agents for washing washable surfaces. It is used for dosing concentrates.
  • The Ecomulti Compact dispenser, powered by mains water, is an excellent choice when you want to use 5 different chemicals at the same time. Thanks to the adjustment dial, you can set the concentration from 2:1 to 350:1.

Liquid dispensers are the key to savings

Concentrated specialist cleaning agentsrequire appropriate use. After all, the prepared solution must be both effective and safe for the surface. Professional Clinex liquid dispensers enable you to properly dose liquids, which translates into real savings.