PROFIT super concentrates

PROFIT line concentrates are high-performance products. Thanks to them, cleaning becomes more effective and economical. To use them, you must combine them with water in appropriate proportions, which depend on the degree of dirt.

PROFIT super concentrates

Specialized PROFIT superconcentrates are highly concentrated preparations. We can describe them as specialized cleaning products for comprehensive, ongoing and extremely effective cleaning. Thanks to their effectiveness and efficiency, they allow you to maximize the cleaning effect and minimize costs.

Professional cleaning products for all surfaces

We created the PROFIT concentrate line to help hotels, cleaning companies and premises owners effectively remove dirt and maintain cleanliness. All this while minimizing costs as much as possible. The Clinex PROFIT line includes specialized cleaning productswith high efficiency in the form of super concentrates . They are intended to be combined with water in appropriate proportions, adjusted to the degree of dirt on the surface. Appropriately selected liquid dispensers are used to prepare the solution.

Where will our super concentrates of cleaning products be used?

We recommend Clinex Profit Glass for mirrors, glass, enameled and laminated surfaces. This cleaning super concentrate removes the most stubborn dirt, grease and insects. It leaves the windows shiny, without streaks and streaks.

Clinex Profit Sanit will work well in sanitary rooms. This super concentrate is effective in cleaning acid- and water-resistant surfaces. It is intended for washing sinks, toilet bowls and urinals. Removes scale, limescale, grease and soap residue.

Specialized cleaning products will work great for floors in hotels, office and consumer premises. Those that remove dust and dirt and also have antistatic properties. Clinex Profit Uni was created for this purpose. It is a super concentrate for cleaning countertops, tables and other washable surfaces.

How to use professional super concentrates for cleaning?

First of all, follow our tips. Our super concentrates of cleaning products are intended to be combined with water in appropriate proportions. Appropriate liquid dispensers will be perfect for this purpose. Thanks to them, you can use super concentrates efficiently and profitably.