Floor maintenance fluids

Floors are exposed to constant use – so it is worth protecting them against damage. Our floor maintenance fluids will help you with this, as they not only protect and shine floors, but also have anti-slip properties.

Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance fluids

Our offer includes polymer-based preparations to protect floors against scratching or damage. These products are also anti-slip. This increases the safety of their users. Dispersion Clinex products guarantee perfect shine and full protection of the floor.

Professional floor maintenance fluids

Facilities where a lot of people pass through must have well-protected floors. So they need to be preserved. What for? Proper maintenance protects floors against scratches, mechanical damage and difficult-to-remove dirt. So how to protect the floor? Our floor maintenance fluids will be perfect for this task. Such agents are based on acrylic and polyurethane polymers and create a protective coating with anti-slip properties on the protected floor.

Floor maintenance

Why is it worth using floor maintenance fluids ? Floor impregnation is important for many reasons. Floor maintenance is crucial to maintaining the aesthetics, durability and hygiene of rooms. It also translates into savings and user safety. Additionally, it potentially increases the value of the property.

What are the benefits of regular floor cleaning and care? First of all, it prevents damage and creates a healthier environment, additionally protecting against slips and falls. Well-kept floors are an important element of every facility. They affect the overall comfort and safety of people staying there. For this reason , it is worth using liquids for impregnating floors .

Polymer coating in heavy traffic areas

Polymerization is a process that protects the surface against damage and extends its service life. At the same time, it facilitates daily cleaning and effectively polishes. The lack of a polymer coating increases the floor’s sensitivity to dirt, sand and dust. This results in matting and scratches on the floor. In addition, the polymer coating fills cracks and pores that are particularly vulnerable to dirt penetration. Therefore, such a floor is much easier to maintain.

Floor maintenance fluids based on polymers are worth using for PVC, concrete, vinyl and terrazzo flooring. However, it is worth remembering that such a coating cannot be applied everywhere. It will not work on surfaces with any types of joints. Examples include tiles and stoneware, as well as surfaces that are not water-resistant – for example, wooden floors.

Professional polymer-based floor cleaning liquid

The polymerization process is very complex. To carry it out, you must use appropriately selected measures. We present professional Clinex Dispersion floor impregnation liquids . We created them taking into account the preparation of the surface for applying a layer of polymers and the creation of the protective layer itself.

You must first remove dust, dirt and remnants of the old polymer layer from the floor. This liquid is intended for removing difficult dirtand old Clinex Dispersion STRIPPER polymer layers. If we want to remove old polymers from the floor, do not dilute it. Once the surface has dried, a new protective layer can be applied.

Our offer also includes Clinex Dispersion SOFT, a polymer-based agent. It has shiny and anti-slip properties. Its composition contains as much as 20% of solids.

Hospital floors are particularly exposed to contact with disinfectants. In their case, Clinex Dispersion HARD, a polymer floor maintenance agent, will work best. It is based on acrylic and polyurethane polymers – it contains as much as 25% of solids.

Floor impregnation fluids will extend the life of your floors

How to extend the life of your floors? Many people ask themselves this question. However, the answer is simple. Proper care and maintenance of floors is necessary. Clinex floor maintenance fluids will be perfect for this task. Using them means, among others: lower repair expenses. For this reason, it is worth using liquids for impregnating floors, because it means savings.

Clean and beautiful floors thanks to floor impregnation fluids

Effective removal of dirt, stains and contaminants is important. Professional floor maintenance fluids have special formulas that will help you clean your floors faster and more effectively. This is especially important in high traffic areas. Additionally, such measures will help maintain the original appearance and shine of the floor.