Cleaning window frames after renovation

Proper protection of windows before renovation works will protect us against unpleasant consequences in the form of dirt that is difficult to remove. If we have not done this, we can expect that we will find dust, glue and soil stains on the glass and window frames. Without the use of specialized chemical preparations, getting rid of persistent post-renovation dirt may take a lot of time and may not bring the intended result. In the material below, we will guide you through the process of washing windows after renovation and removing difficult dirt.

How to start washing windows after renovation?

First, you need to collect the necessary window cleaning equipment. When cleaning windows after renovation, cloths and a container with water and window cleaner are not enough. During renovation, a huge amount of dust and dirt is generated and penetrates into the cracks. Additionally, there may be stains on the windows and frames from construction materials used during renovation works.

Helpful window cleaning equipment:

How to wash window frames after renovation?

Window frames are not only what we see outside and inside, but also the inside of the windows. Therefore, we start cleaning by removing excess dirt accumulated inside using cloths. If dust is in hard-to-reach places, use brushes and a steam cleaner. Once we have pre-cleaned the interior, we move on to the actual cleaning. Apply CLINEX FAST PLAST to a microfiber cloth and wipe the internal frames to remove dirt.

There is just as much dirt on external window frames that need to be removed. It is mainly dust and dust that has settled on the surface. We remove the excess with a damp cloth and wash the frames with CLINEX FAST PLAST , which not only cleans, but also leaves an antistatic coating that prevents dust from accumulating.

Removing glue and stubborn dirt from the surface of window frames

In addition to dust and dust, window frames may usually contain remnants of glue or self-adhesive foil, or other types of labels, which are extremely difficult to remove at home. When removing this type of dirt, first of all, do not use any type of scrapers. Improper use of scrapers may cause deep scratches on the frames or cause their irreversible damage.

You can easily remove glue residues and unnecessary foil and labels thanks to CLINEX ANTI SPOT . The unique formula and composition allow you to remove even old “baked” stickers and accumulated dirt on window frames. Anti-Spot does not contain bleach, so there will be no discoloration of the cleaned surface.

Washing windows after renovation

Finally, the windows need to be cleaned. You may often have the impression that there is little dirt and all you need to do is wipe it with a dry cloth. Nothing could be further from the truth, there may be contaminants on the glass surface that can scratch the window panes. Therefore, regardless of whether the dirt is visible to the naked eye or not, use a washer thoroughly soaked in the previously prepared CLINEX PROFIT GLASS solution or use a ready-made CLINEX GLASS glass cleaning product. Spread generously on the windows and remove the excess with a squeegee – the windows will be clean without streaks.

In the case of accumulated dried dirt, the ideal solution will be to use the reliable and effective CLINEX GLASS FOAM window cleaning foam. Thanks to its form, it stays on the surface longer and does not run off so quickly, so the accumulated dirt has longer contact with the preparation and is easier to remove. Spread the foam directly onto the surface to be cleaned and wait a few seconds for the preparation to bind the accumulated dirt. Only then use a washcloth or a microfiber cloth and remove the excess preparation with a squeegee.


Washing glass and cleaning window frames after renovation is not the easiest task. In order for cleaning to be quick and effective, you should first of all use proven and professional cleaning products. Combined with properly selected equipment, the windows will be crystal clear after renovation.

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