Clinex Floral – a fragrance dizziness when cleaning floors

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Clean floors are essential in a well-kept room. The floors are well-kept and beautifully colored. However, if there was also a pleasant smell in the room, noticeable immediately after entering, it would be really nice. A pleasant scent is always associated with cleanliness and enhances this impression.

Features of a good floor cleaner

A good floor care product should not leave streaks or stains and should not accumulate on the cleaned surface. However, it must wash effectively, dry quickly, leave a nice shine and a pleasant scent. Some fragrance compositions are real works of art. Fragrance compositions consist of three elements, i.e. three fragrance notes developing one after the other. This is because some substances that are components of a fragrance composition differ from others in their evaporation speed. When smelling a fragrance, we first feel the top note, i.e. the top note, then the middle heart note, and lastly the bottom note, called the base, depth or base note.

Top, heart and base notes – in the fragrance

The top note, sensed first, decides whether we will be interested in a given fragrance or not. It is very intense, but evaporates very quickly. It is noticeable for several minutes. It usually consists of fruit. After about 10 minutes we will feel the heart note. It is a combination of top and base notes. Sometimes we do not pay attention to it, but it is responsible for the essence of the combination of aromas and determines the character of the fragrance. The ingredients in this note are spicy and floral chords. As time passes, the scent undergoes a transformation and at the very end we reach the base note. You can feel it after about 20 minutes. It is a note of low intensity, but it has a decisive impact on the character of the fragrance composition. It determines the durability of the fragrance, it evaporates very slowly and is noticeable for a very long time. It consists of civet, forest resins, musk, amber, vanilla, wood and spices. To discover the true scent of a fragrance, you need to be patient and smell all three notes.

Clinex Floral – floor cleaning liquid with interesting fragrance compositions

The Clinex brand includes the Clinex Floral series of floor cleaning products. The product comes in four very interesting scents: Fruit, Blush, Citro and Ocean.

Clinex Floral Fruit contains a fragrance composition in which at first we smell unripe forest wild strawberries, then a plate of ripe, aromatic wild strawberries and raspberries appears, accompanied by juicy fruit chords: blueberries, currants and blackberries, and lastly there is the scent of vanilla and caramel and the sweetness of fruit candies.

In Clinex Floral Blush , the top note is fruity and white flowers, followed by a note of citrus and flowers, and the base of the entire composition is the scent of wood and musk.

Clinej Floral Citro will first surprise us with the scent of mandarin, then ginger appears, which goes perfectly with citrus fruits and as a base note we will feel the scent of musk.

Clinex Floral Ocean attracts us with the scent of a fresh sea breeze, slightly fruity (lemon peel, bergamot, linden blossom, peach blossom). After a while, we will smell the scent of fresh white rose flowers, lilies and irises. And finally, the scent of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.

Clinex Floral products
(photo: Clinex)


Clinex Floral products, apart from unique scents, also have excellent cleaning and polishing properties. These are universal products, suitable for all types of waterproof surfaces. After using them, a long-lasting smell remains in the room. They contain polymers that fill micro-cracks. Thanks to this, the surface becomes smoother, dirt does not get inside the cracks, the floor has a nice shine and it is easier to keep it clean. And each subsequent wash is easier.

By using Clinex products, we can enjoy a long-lasting scent in the room. The variety of scents surprises and has a positive effect on our senses. And at the same time, our floors are clean, shiny and well-kept.

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