Clinex on HoReCa websites

The HoReCa market is one of the best developing industries in Poland. According to the portal, in 2018 there was a 10% increase in revenues. This proves the enormous potential of this service industry. Clinex has been present on the market for over 25 years, providing professional cleaning products for restaurants, hotels and other service establishments. Actively developing and marking its presence in the industry, Clinex cooperates with many portals addressed to the hotel and catering sector.

The Clinex brand is a partner of the and Horeca Business Club portals. They are among the leaders in their field. They are visited every day by thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and decision-makers in companies, as well as by future owners of small and large premises. Such activity and cooperation not only allows Clinex to reach a wider group of customers with its products. It is also a promotion of the brand’s principles of maintaining sterile cleanliness in places that are subject to legal requirements in the field of occupational hygiene.

In order to improve cleanliness in accordance with HACCP standards

Clinex belongs to the Amtra capital group. It is one of the brands that, thanks to its dynamic development, constantly contributes to the company’s success. Currently, it is a leader in the domestic market for the distribution and production of professional car and cleaning chemicals. However, this is not a reason to stop or slow down the implementation of the brand’s marketing and promotional plans. The main goal of Clinex is to disseminate professional cleaning chemicals among conscious entrepreneurs from the HoReCa industry. All Clinex products comply with applicable standards and meet the criteria of high-quality cleaning products.

Offer of individually prepared hygiene plans

Additionally, customers can take advantage of the offer of individually prepared hygiene plans. This applies to specific premises and rooms that comply with the requirements of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System. All activities undertaken by Clinex are focused on both hygiene and safety of cleaning. The offer is used by cleaning companies, car washes, restaurants, hotels, schools, offices and industrial plants.

Clinex is still striving to expand its customer base. Being aware that the HoReCa market is in an increasingly better condition, it uses every opportunity to get closer to its potential recipients. It effectively implements its assumptions by joining industry portal partners. These are places on the Internet, bringing together restaurateurs, representatives of chains of restaurants, as well as owners of small and large hotels.

Effective B2B communication – HoReCa

If a set goal is achieved, another one should be set. This way, there is a good chance that the company will remain present in the industry and in the minds of potential customers. Clinex is a partner of the portal. This is a place on the Internet that publishes news from the HoReCa industry every day. There you will find reports, statistics and the latest information on the catering and restaurant market of products and services. Clinex partners with the portal along with other large leaders in this area, such as Selgros, Makro and Orbis. The Clinex brand has established a similar cooperation with the Horeca Business Club portal. She decided on the “Horeca Business Club portal partner” service. It is addressed to suppliers, manufacturers and service providers who are interested in representatives of the HoReCa sector.

Increased range of Clinex services for HoReCa

Cooperation with Clinex portals is an opportunity to expand the scope of its services. This is a very conscious action. It is preceded by detailed market analyses. The results indicate that potential customers are very interested in online sources of knowledge and current market information. Selected portals best implement the assumptions and concept of effective B2B communication. This is confirmed by a wide range of users and the interest in cooperation between industry leaders. The Clinex logo is present on the main website, which translates into an increase in website traffic. In fact, cooperation with portals is intended to open new channels of communication with customers and the distribution of promotional materials to a precisely profiled group of recipients. Thanks to this, owners of catering establishments, restaurants, schools and offices can use professional cleaning chemicals. They also gain access to the knowledge base available on the Clinex brand website. These are guides and inspirations on how to use the products and how to properly keep public places clean.

The cooperation of the Clinex brand with the and Horeca Business Club portals is based on mutual support and mutual benefits. In this way, more customers who actually need it and are actively looking for it receive assistance in cleaning management. Clinex constantly strives to improve its network of contacts, joining the group of elite partners of industry portals and companies pursuing similar goals and assumptions.

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