How to tame greasy dirt?

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Greasy stains are difficult to remove due to the need to use specialized agents, the safety of which is not always certain. Fears of damaging the floor are a common reason for refraining from using chemical preparations. Moreover, greasy dirt reduces the safety of moving around rooms and makes the surface slippery.

How to remove grease stains?

When taking care of cleanliness, we must stick to a few rules that will make it much easier for us. One of them, of course, is to remove the stain immediately. This is the first and basic rule of floor care and keeping it properly clean. This way we do not allow the grease stains to dry, which could make their removal difficult. The sooner we remove fresh dirt, the easier it will be.

While working, e.g. in the kitchen or workshop, it is difficult to keep order and immediately remove all dirt from the floor surface. Dried stains from oil or petroleum-based substances require special care. Unfortunately, in most cases we are dealing with already dried stains. Old, greasy stains on paving stones are extremely stubborn dirt. Long-lasting dirt often penetrates the material the floor is made of, resulting in permanent stains. The floor or paving stones in the driveway lose their aesthetic appearance and require replacement after a much shorter time.

Grease stains are a problem in many industries

Grease stains appear in many types of rooms. Particularly vulnerable rooms include kitchens in catering establishments, industrial and production halls, renovation plants and car workshops. They use oils and petroleum products on a daily basis. How to remove grease stains? Specialized agents are used to remove fresh and dried greasy dirt. They should not only be effective and efficient, but also safe for cleaning surfaces and people staying in the room.

How to wash greasy stains from paving stones? We remove greasy dirt with 4Dirt

Greasy stains on paving stones are a problem that requires the use of a professional preparation. The biodegradable Clinex 4Dirt preparation is intended for removing greasy dirt. It is suitable for use on various types of surfaces, i.e. concrete floors, PVC, ceramics and natural and artificial stone. This is an irreplaceable product in every company where there may be difficult to remove greasy stains .

Clinex 4Dirt is an extremely strong preparation for removing greasy industrial and kitchen dirt. It is environmentally friendly and, having been certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, it has been approved for use in rooms where food is prepared and stored, making it an ideal solution for catering establishments. Its active ingredients dissolve even strong, multi-layered dirt, which translates into effectiveness. Thanks to its concentrated formula, it is also an economical solution in every company.

How to remove greasy stains and dirt from paving stones using Clinex MaxDirt?

Before you start removing greasy dirt, thoroughly sweep or vacuum the surface to remove larger contaminants, such as dirt or dust. Then prepare the solution by mixing 50 – 500 ml of MaxDirt with 10 liters of water, the amount depends on the degree of dirt. The prepared solution is applied manually or by machine. In the first case, we pour it into a bucket and use a cotton mop to clean the surface. This method will work well in gastronomy and for cleaning relatively fresh, greasy dirt. If we have a cleaning device and a hard or slightly hard pad, we can wash the dirty surface using a machine.

As for greasy stains on paving stones , a mop will not work here. So how to remove greasy stains from the cube? Firstly, the preparation solution should have a concentration appropriate to the type of dirt. Here, we, of course, follow the instructions on the product packaging prepared by the manufacturer. It is definitely easier to remove fresh dirt, especially from paving stones. However, MaxDirt can also deal with dried stains. Just apply the cleaning agent to the stains and, in case of heavy dirt, scrub the block. You can use a brush with medium-hard bristles or a pressure washer with a special rotary brush for cleaning paving stones.

MaxDirt dissolves old oil and fat contamination of plant and animal origin. It can also cope with oil-based dirt and multi-layer dirt. Its great advantage is high effectiveness even at low concentrations, as well as versatility and a wide range of applications in various areas. It is safe for aluminum surfaces, environmentally friendly and has no adverse effect on the human body.

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