Machine floor cleaning – learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this solution

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Maintaining order in public buildings, warehouses, parking lots, hospitals, banks, restaurants, sports halls and other large-scale facilities is quite a challenge. Large surfaces with high traffic intensity are particularly susceptible to unsightly dirt. In such situations, machine floor cleaning comes to the rescue. This method has many advantages and gives surprising results. An amazing effect can be achieved in a very short time and with little effort from those responsible for maintaining order.

Machine floor cleaning – From the article you will learn:

Advantages of cleaning floors using the machine method

Machine cleaning of floors combines several methods: washing, scrubbing and quick drying. This gives a satisfactory effect. This combination is unheard of in other washing methods. The principle of operation of such a washing machine or scrubber is to apply a solution of water and liquid to the brush or pad of the device. We then spread this solution over the surface. The device’s brushes additionally scrub the washed surface. Then, using a vacuum cleaner, we remove dirt from the contaminated floor. It is collected in a special container inside the cleaning machine, thanks to which the floor remains perfectly clean. Some devices are additionally equipped with hot air that dries the washed surfaces, which significantly minimizes the formation of new dirt. A dry floor also provides greater safety for all its users.

Thorough washing – by hand or machine?

When washing the floor using washing machines, we always dispense clean water and liquid onto it, and the dirty water after washing the floor is collected in a separate container. Unfortunately, in the case of hand washing, it is different. In fact, the floor washed is already contaminated with water. The mop is rinsed in dirty water and the water is then spread over the washed surface. Additionally, a washing machine equipped with a pad will polish the floor. This gives excellent results, especially when we use the Clinex 4Hall product.

The size and power of the washing machine can be selected according to the surface to be treated. For large areas we will need a large device. It will be equipped with a larger water tank and a larger battery, which unfortunately means longer battery charging times and longer breaks in the machine’s operation. Smaller devices will work well in smaller spaces, just like Clinex MaxDirt and Clinex Floral , often used in offices. They will be lighter and easier to use. The scrubber can be used for routine and thorough cleaning. And here, scrubber dryers also have an advantage over manual washing, because we are unable to perform thorough cleaning by hand.

Machine cleaning – disadvantages

Using a washing machine allows you to significantly shorten cleaning time and gives better results. However, this method cannot be used everywhere. Such a machine will be cumbersome in small rooms, it will not be effective in cleaning stairs and it will not be able to get into smaller nooks and crannies. The device must be properly cared for and service will be required if necessary. This is not an ordinary mop, it costs little and when it gets damaged, we can easily buy a new one.

What to avoid when washing by machine?

When washing floors by machine, remember to select appropriate cleaning liquids, as not everyone will be suitable for such a device. We must not use high-foaming liquids. Such liquids are intended only for hand washing. If we used such a liquid in the machine, the foam that would come out of the tanks would flood the battery and damage the machine. That’s why we always use specialized liquids for machine washing.

Comfort and convenience

Cleaning with a machine takes much less time, the cleaner does not get as tired as when washing floors traditionally. This type of devices is already standard in larger facilities. Machine cleaning and professional floor cleaning liquid will remove even the most difficult dirt with limited human effort and involvement. It is possible to remove all dirt caused by everyday use, as well as those caused by unusual situations.

Summary – machine cleaning of floors

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