New Clinex x Planet Heroes campaign

In the era of ecological awareness, the Clinex brand meets the challenges related to environmental protection by entering into cooperation with the Planet Heroes organization. The aim of this partnership is to support clean-up activities in Poland and to promote sustainable development among local communities.

Clinex & Planet Heroes

This fall, Clinex, a renowned Polish manufacturer of cleaning products for the HORECA sector, begins its ecological journey with Planet Heroes. Since 2020, the company has been actively involved in sustainable development, focusing on introducing biodegradable packaging, using rainwater and promoting ecological forms of transport. The result of this commitment is the “Clinex Cleans Poland” initiative, which is launched as part of cooperation with Planet Heroes.

“Clinex Cleans Poland” campaign

The “Clinex Cleans Poland” campaign is not just words, but specific actions. Clinex has committed to financial support for the clean-up campaign, offering subsidies of PLN 20 for each bag of garbage collected in Polish forests. Additionally, the Planet Heroes platform will be enriched with a special category #ClinexCleanPolska, which will allow users to publish and promote their ecological activities.

Instructions for organizing eco-forest clean-up campaigns in Poland.

Vision of the Future

Although the “Clinex Cleans Poland” campaign is just gaining momentum, its organizers are optimistic about future activities. They believe that in the coming year this initiative will gain even greater scope and will influence positive changes in Poles’ approach to environmental protection. The cooperation between Clinex and Planet Heroes is proof that ecological responsibility and business can go hand in hand, creating a new model of cooperation for a better tomorrow.

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