NOVELTY! Ecological odor neutralizer – Clinex Eco+ Protect Odor Killer

Innovative ecological odor neutralizer based on biosurfactants with a delicate cotton scent. Thanks to its ecological formula, it is safe for humans and animals. Contains no alcohol. It has very strong neutralizing properties, which allows it to cope even with very strong unpleasant kitchen, industrial and sanitary odors, the smell of tobacco smoke, car exhaust fumes, sweat, putrefactive odors and unpleasant animal odors. It completely removes not only the effects, but above all the causes of their occurrence. Safe for all surfaces.

Ecological odor neutralizer for special tasks.

An odor neutralizer is designed to remove unpleasant odors, unlike an air freshener, which only masks the odor. The product does not have any pictograms on the label, which makes it a safe product for users and the environment. The ecological formula of the neutralizer will work well in places where effectiveness is important while having minimal impact on the consumer’s perception. Therefore, Clinex Eco+ Protect Odor Killer is used especially in:

Neutralizes odors:

With ecology in mind

The Clinex brand bases its mission on the philosophy of “Safe for You, Safe for the Earth”, i.e. “Safe for You Safe for Earth” and aims to support pro-ecological activities. One type of these actions is to reduce the amount of plastic. The 1l bottle of Clinex Odor Killer is made entirely of regranulate, i.e. 100% recycled plastic! Find out more about the ecological activities of the Clinex brand.

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