Savings in cleaning companies – how to reduce costs?

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The task of cleaning companies is, of course, to professionally clean rooms. Cleaning requires the use of various and specialized agents and equipment. One could enumerate a whole lot of them. Some are disposable, while others are suitable for subsequent use after proper cleaning and preparation. However, depending on the intensity of their use, they wear out relatively quickly. The situation is no different with products such as cleaning and preserving liquids, pastes and cosmetics. This means that the costs of providing services can be high. As in any profession, there are ways to lower costs in a cleaning company. How to reduce them?

How to reduce costs in a cleaning company? What most often generates them?

It is obvious that internal costs in the company have a direct impact on the cost of services. For a cleaning company to save expenses, it must clearly define them. And what generates them most often?

Savings in the company should be sought in cleaning products that use up quickly. The answer seems simple, you just need to limit their consumption, right? Unfortunately, this is not always possible enough to record a drastic increase in savings. Some accessories and cleaning products simply cannot be saved. Otherwise, the company would see a decline in the quality of its services.

What should you not save on in a cleaning company? Mainly on:

You should not save on this, because it has a huge impact on the level of services, the quality of their execution and the effect of work. Savings should be sought not in limiting the number of accessories, but in purchasing them from a professional line. Dedicated, professional products have much lower consumption, which is why the savings multiply.

Cost optimization in a cleaning company

Savings should first be sought in items that wear out the fastest. In a cleaning company, these are cleaning products. These are products that melt before your eyes. This is no wonder, because they make work easier and produce the desired results.

Many companies rely on ready-made preparations intended for home use. Unfortunately, their rapid consumption forces the company to purchase more liquids. In a professional company, concentrates are the best option as they will optimize costs and increase savings.

Concentrates allow cleaning companies to achieve lower costs. However, for this to happen, they must be used strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The degree of product dilution and preparation of the cleaning solution is usually selected depending on the level of dirt.

Professional chemicals mean lower costs in cleaning companies

Concentrates, unlike classic liquids, provide great efficiency and better effectiveness. For example, the professional Clinex Profit 4hall liquid concentrate for cleaning large surfaces provides not only above-average efficiency, but above all, excellent cleaning properties. Depending on the type and level of dirt, it can be freely diluted with water. Removes even difficult contaminants from waterproof floors, leaving a thin polymer layer on the surface. It works great on concrete, linoleum, rubber and resin floors. Polymers will make it harder for dirt to re-accumulate, which also reduces the number of cleaning cycles. The advantage of the concentrated liquid is that it can be washed using traditional methods and by machine.

Clinex Profit Floor is the best choice for everyday cleaning of waterproof floors. This concentrate has very good moisturizing and polishing properties. Using it on the floors of large halls ensures their impeccable appearance and attractive appearance. Between subsequent washings, the floor is protected with an antistatic and fragrant coating.

If the surface is stained greasy, Clinex 4dirt Foam is a good option. It is a highly concentrated and super-efficient foam that removes even the most stubborn grease and greasy dirt. Suitable for use on concrete, stone and tile floors. The concentrate can be freely diluted for hand or machine washing.

Very difficult, greasy stains require special treatment. Their removal will be easier using the low-foaming Clinex Maxdirt liquid. As an odorless product, it is also suitable for cleaning waterproof, horizontal and vertical catering surfaces. Perfectly removes grease from glazed, concrete, PVC, aluminum, stainless steel and powder-coated surfaces. It can be used classically or by machine.

Concentrates and savings in cleaning companies

Professional cleaning concentrates allow for faster and more effective cleaning. If you don’t know how to reduce costs in a cleaning company, choose the professional line of the Clinex brand. The savings from their use will be noticed quickly. Concentrated cleaning agents provide a visible increase in savings in the short term.

It should also be emphasized that a key element in the use of concentrates is appropriate staff training. This is an essential process. Highly concentrated Clinex products make it possible to dilute them freely and create the perfect solution for cleaning a given surface. There is no need to use too much liquid, which is simply wasted. Therefore, properly trained staff and a professional line of cleaning products can generate real savings in cleaning companies.

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