The latest trends in cleaning and disinfection in restaurants.

Restaurants, bars and other catering establishments have always maintained the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. One of the key elements of maintaining these standards is choosing the right cleaning chemicals. Clinex, a renowned manufacturer of specialized cleaning products, offers solutions tailored to various areas of catering operations. Thanks to its versatility and efficiency, Clinex has become an irreplaceable partner in maintaining order in this sector.

Floors where every step counts.

Restaurant floors are exposed to constant contact with the shoes of customers and employees, as well as to various types of dirt, including grease and stains from food and drinks. Clinex offers special cleaning and disinfecting agents for various types of floors, such as tiles, wood and carpets. These products remove not only dirt, but also bacteria and viruses, while ensuring long-term protection of the surface. A universal solution in this matter will be the use of Clinex Floral washing liquid ( available in several fragrance versions), which, when used regularly, facilitates the subsequent washing process.

Countertops – where tasty dishes are prepared.

Kitchen countertops are the place where dishes are prepared and served on guests’ plates. They must not only be clean, but also free from harmful microorganisms. Clinex offers specialized products for cleaning kitchen countertops, such as Clinex DEZO Table , which effectively remove dirt, grease and disinfect the surface. Food and customer safety is a priority that Clinex understands perfectly.

Surface cleaning with Clinex.

Windows – a clear view of success.

Clean glass and windows in restaurants are not only a matter of aesthetics, but also affect the perception of the place by customers. Clinex offers special cleaning preparations that leave surfaces shiny and streak-free. It is worth trying Clinex Glass Foam, thanks to which customers can enjoy a clear view outside, and the staff can keep the windows in perfect condition.

Kitchen – the heart of the restaurant.

The kitchen in a restaurant is the place where the dishes served on the tables are created. However, it is also an area that requires special attention when it comes to cleanliness and disinfection. Clinex supplies specialized cleaning chemicals such as Clinex Fast Gast, which eliminates fats and food remains from kitchen surfaces. Food safety and customer health are priorities that Clinex successfully meets.

Dining table tops – it must be clean where guests enjoy the taste of the dishes served.

Table tops in restaurants are a place where unique dishes created in the kitchen are served to guests. Therefore, the cleanliness of these surfaces is a key aspect of customer service. Clinex offers specialized products for cleaning table tops that effectively remove all dirt, food and drink remains. Clinex Table universal liquid for cleaning waterproof surfaces may be helpful here. Taking care of the hygiene of table tops affects positive customer impressions and the perception of the quality of restaurant service.


Cleanliness and hygiene are key elements of success in the catering industry. Clinex, by providing professional cleaning and disinfection solutions, helps restaurants maintain the highest standards. Thanks to many years of experience and advanced technologies, Clinex is an irreplaceable partner in the fight for cleanliness and safety. By choosing Clinex, you choose quality, effectiveness and peace of mind in taking care of the hygiene of your premises.

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