Amtra Group

Amtra Group is a group of companies formed by combining three companies - Amtra, Nanochem and Five Star PolandLaboratory AmtraDuring its 25 years of operation, it has reached the position of one of the leaders in the domestic market for the distribution and manufacture of automotive chemistry and professional cleaning chemicals.  The Group's activities are not only a wholesale trade in goods, but also a representation on the Polish market of over 20 internationally recognized and European producers. Thanks to this we offer you comprehensive sales support. From delivery, sales support, sales materials, technical documentation to advertising and marketing campaigns.

Warehouse Amtra

We proudly present to you a project that has been developing dynamically for several years - Clinex - a line of products for the HORECA sector, cleaning companies, maintenance departments, car washers and companies involved in cleaning tenders. Our products are widely used in restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, washrooms, offices and public buildings. We offer Clinex products of high quality and full guarantee, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers, both in Poland and abroad. Their quality is confirmed by the ISO 9001 quality certificate, and the business credibility of the Amtra Group is confirmed by Bisnode business credibility - triple AAA rating. We use the latest technology - biodegradable components, polymers, and nanotechnology. Formulations developed on nanostructures increase product efficacy, antimicrobial protection, allergy neutrality, ensuring their effectiveness and safety. We take care that our products are increasingly environmentally friendly and ergonomic in use.

ResearchAt customer's request, we assist in developing hygiene plans for specific rooms and work areas as required by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system. This increases the safety and effectiveness of cleaning and the HACCP system is rapidly and efficiently implemented in every catering establishment. Customers who have already developed a sales network and want to own a brand, we invite you to cooperate. We will prepare you packaging designs, we will suggest assortment, we will adjust the quality and price of products to meet your needs.

Lastly, I would like to convey important information to you. With our customers we build long-term relationships. High quality products, high turnover, satisfactory margin - are the basis of our offer. But for that we add loyalty and support to meet the individual needs and expectations of each of you. That is why, with sincere enthusiasm on behalf of all Amtra Group employees, I invite you to cooperate with us.

Jarosław Nowakowski
Director General of the Amtra Group