For the sake of our future, we are setting a course for your safety and the safety of the natural environment

Safe for You | Safe for Earth

Safe for You sign | Safe for Earth on Clinex products guarantees safe use for the user and the natural environment.

safe for you

  • Safe for skin

    The products contain chemicals in quantities that do not pose a risk of damaging the skin's lipid barrier

  • Safe for the respiratory tract

    The products contain chemicals in quantities that do not pose a risk of damaging the epithelium of the respiratory system

  • No mutagenic ingredients

    The products are free of substances that cause changes in organism cells and cause genetic mutations

  • They do not cause inhalation allergies

    The products contain chemicals in quantities that do not cause inhalant allergies

safe for Earth

  • Safe for aquatic organisms

    The products do not contain phosphates or nitrogen, which cause, among others: water eutrophication

  • They contain at least 90% natural ingredients

    The products contain ingredients of natural origin, which significantly reduces the introduction of harmful substances into the environment

  • Biologically natural

    The products do not cause soil degradation or water eutrophication

  • Packaging from recycled raw materials

    The products have recycled packaging, which means a cleaner planet by reducing the amount of plastic entering the environment

New Clinex x Planet Heroes campaign

In response to ecological needs, the Clinex brand joins forces with Planet Heroes, an innovative platform supported by the UN, and the Polish organizer of the global initiative World Cleanup Day. Clinex has become a partner of the platform, joining companies like Tefal, Brita, and McDonald’s.

Through this collaboration, the #ClinexSprzątaPolskę campaign is being implemented, encouraging the cleaning of areas and promoting sustainable development. The goal of this partnership is to support cleanup actions in Poland and to promote sustainable development among local communities.

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Clinex reduces its carbon footprint

In May 2024, representatives from UPM Raflatac and Reganta visited the Clinex brand factory to honor the company for its contribution to the RafCycle project.

This is an innovative recycling service created by UPM Raflatac that enables the transformation of label waste into new, valuable products. The aim of the project is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and incinerators, and to support a circular economy. By using RafCycle, Clinex fulfills its motto “We care about cleanliness responsibly” in many areas, from the production process and the selection of raw materials to broad-based education.

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