5 best window cleaning tips

Dirty windows don't just block sunlight. They also expose rooms and people staying in them to allergens, dirt, dust and other pollutants. Image is also an important aspect. After all, potential customers also pay attention to the cleanliness of windows. If they are dirty, they do not encourage people to visit such a place. However, there is no point in panicking. So how to wash windows? Here are our top 5 tips.

Cleaning windows doesn’t have to be difficult

Window washing

In this material, you will learn the best professional window cleaning tips that will allow you to clean your windows without a single streak. We will also provide some additional information on how to avoid the most common mistakes that make window cleaning not the most pleasant activity. After all, it’s not as complicated as it seems. How to wash windows? Here we go!

Appropriate cleaning products

Window cleaning with Clinex Glass

Selecting the right cleaning products is the key to success when washing windows. Of course, we cannot forget about window frames. How to wash window frames? Clinex Fast Plast will be perfect for cleaning them , as it will remove dirt and grease. When cleaning window frames in restaurants, you must first deal with a large amount of accumulated grease. Clinex also has a solution for this. Clinex GreasOff will perfectly cope with this task and will remove fat deposits on window frames.

If the window frames are already clean, you can start cleaning the glass. How to clean windows? We recommend Clinex Glass for this task. This is our reliable glass and window cleaner. Thanks to its cleaning properties, removing dirt from windows will be very easy. Using it guarantees that no streaks will remain on the cleaned windows.

Window cleaning equipment

Window washing

Window cleaning equipment is as important as appropriate cleaning products. The equipment is designed to facilitate the cleaning process. Additionally, window cleaning will be done quickly and professionally. So what equipment should you equip yourself with?

We assure you that the above equipment is completely sufficient to perform a professional window cleaning service.

Dry cleaning of windows is not a good idea

Washing the window glass

It is not worth taking the easy way and not trying to wipe the windows with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt. Such “dry” window cleaning may result in the presence of sand particles or other dirt when wiping with a cloth, which will scratch the windows. Always remember to apply a cleaning agent to the washed surface to prevent scratches.

If you do not have much experience with washing windows, but also with removing adhering dirt with a scraper, it is worth doing it extremely carefully. All it takes is one wrong move and deep scratches will appear on the glass or window frame. We encourage you to use wooden or plastic scrapers that will not damage the surface being washed so easily.

Cleaning agents for special tasks

A man washing windows

When washing windows , mainly after renovation and construction works, you may encounter residues of glue or protective tape on window frames or glass. Removing this type of dirt is very difficult. Therefore, it is worth using dedicated cleaning agents for this type of dirt. Those that will effectively remove dirt. Clinex Anti-Spot copes perfectly with such dirt. Effectively softens and dissolves glue residues, which can then be easily removed with a microfiber cloth. Thanks to Clinex Anti-Spot, we no longer have to use scrapers and other devices such as steamers.

The time of day matters when cleaning windows

Cleaning the window

Unfortunately, washing windows on a sunny day, when the sun’s rays fall directly on the windows, is not the best time. Quite a lot of sunlight will cause the preparation applied to the windows to dry very quickly. Unfortunately, this will lead to the appearance of streaks. There is also no point in washing windows when it is raining.

When to wash windows? The best time to clean windows is on a rainless, slightly cloudy day or a time of day when the sun’s rays do not fall directly on the windows.

Cleaning windows does not have to be difficult, although it can be a demanding task. Therefore, it is worth remembering not to do it “dry”, buy equipment and cleaning products, and additionally choose the right time for cleaning. We hope that our tips will be helpful and will help you keep your windows clean and streak-free.

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