Cleaning after renovation – choosing cleaning chemicals

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Renovation is a series of construction activities aimed at restoring the utility value of the renovated object. The renovation period is difficult for each of us, but its effect compensates us for the more difficult times we had to go through. However, before we can enjoy a fully renovated interior, we have one more difficult task ahead of us, namely cleaning after the renovation. To achieve optimal results and minimize efforts, you should plan the cleaning well or hire a professional cleaning team.

First, dry cleaning

The basic rule that we should follow when cleaning is that cleaning should start “dry”. This is also how you should start cleaning after renovation . If we started with wet cleaning, all the dust and dust would quickly turn into mud. This may lead to even more dirt and even destruction of freshly renovated surfaces. Therefore, it is worth vacuuming thoroughly at the beginning to get rid of dust and dirt that is in every corner of our room. In this case, the best solution is an industrial vacuum cleaner, which we can easily rent. It can cope with dust, dirt and even small debris. When vacuuming, remember to do it from top to bottom. Let’s start with the ceiling. We vacuum all the highest-mounted elements, such as chandeliers, curtain rods, etc.

Then we go down, letting the dust fall onto the floor, which we vacuum at the very end. This seems to be the best possible solution. When we decide on it, we are actually choosing a cleaning method that involves dividing the renovated room into certain levels. The first level is the highest. By cleaning from top to bottom, dust, dirt and other contaminants are most likely to slowly disappear. Whatever is blown up and not picked up by the vacuum cleaner the first time will fall to a lower level and be removed the second time.

Choosing cleaning chemicals for cleaning after renovation

The scope of renovation work that has been performed determines the selection of chemicals and equipment needed for cleaning. This is very important. Well-selected cleaning products and equipment not only affect the appearance of the cleaned rooms, but also the durability of the materials used in them.

Clinex floor preparations
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The next step after vacuuming is washing with detergents. How to clean after renovation? The best choice of cleaning agents are products dedicated to a given surface. We can then be sure that using such products, the floor will be cleaned well. The specialized additives used in them will protect it, so we will be able to enjoy cleanliness for longer. An additional very important advantage of using dedicated cleaning products is the fact that by using them, we will be sure that we will not damage the cleaned surface.

Always read the product label

Therefore, it is good to know what materials were used during the renovation. What is actually on the floor, what are the finishing strips made of, what is on the walls. In this case, the range of materials can be literally huge. Then you should go to a store that sells chemicals intended for cleaning various materials and surfaces, or go to the website of a manufacturer and familiarize yourself with its product offer. You should look for suitable cleaning products. It is very important to read the information provided by the manufacturer about a given product on its website before purchasing it. If it turns out to be the one we are looking for and we decide to buy it, when it is delivered, do not forget to read the information on how to use it on the label. It is worth always remembering this, because it is not enough to have a good cleaning product, it must also be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only then will cleaning after renovation be effective!

Clinex Glazur - label
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Moreover, the saying that if something is for everything, it is for nothing, applies in this case. Unfortunately, chemistry is an uncompromising science. Everything has its own composition, which is often unique and it is impossible to create one product that will be the golden mean that will clean literally everything. Therefore, it is worth considering what products we need and in what quantities. Some surfaces are larger, others smaller. It is worth making sure that no preparation is missing and that the first cleaning of the room after renovation gives stunning results. Only then will we feel proper satisfaction.

Washing floors after renovation

Everyone knows that cleaning floors after renovation is not an easy task. It is very easy to find a product that, thanks to its properties (such as pH, foaming properties, etc.) is universal and by preparing an appropriate working solution in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, we are able to use it for most dirty surfaces. How to wash the floor after renovation? An example of such a product is Clinex 4Dirt. It is a biodegradable, universal preparation for removing difficult dirt. Suitable for machine and hand washing, it perfectly dissolves all types of difficult dirt.

After a thorough renovation, we may find lime deposits, plaster remnants or other mineral deposits on the floor. The best choice in such a case is an acidic preparation with a low pH, which will easily cope with this type of dirt. And this is where the Clinex M3 ACID product can come to our aid. Low-foaming, acidic preparation for waterproof and acid-resistant floors. It is a highly effective product that perfectly copes with mineral deposits that remain on the floor after renovation. Before using this preparation, remember that it is an acidic product. Not suitable for surfaces that are not resistant to acids. How to wash the floor after renovation? We always start washing with the lowest concentration to make sure we do not damage the surface being cleaned. However, after application, the floor should be rinsed well with water to neutralize it.

Caring for floors using professional products

This is the safest method and is recommended to be used not only when cleaning new surfaces, but always. Thanks to it, we will not damage new and freshly installed materials, but we will also extend their service life. Moreover, regular care of the surfaces will significantly extend their visual effect, and the entire room will be more well-groomed.

If there is no mineral dirt on the floor, we can use dedicated cleaning agents such as Clinex Panel Wood for cleaning panels and laminated floors, or Clinex Glazur for glazed floors, or use a universal preparation for all types of floors, such as Clinex Floral .

Cleaning windows after renovation

Not only cleaning the floor after renovation can be a challenge. The same applies to windows. How to wash windows after renovation? Clinex Glass and Clinex Glass Foam can be used to clean windows. These are effective liquids for cleaning windows, mirrors, crystals, enameled and laminated surfaces, as well as stainless steel elements. Additionally enriched with antistatic agents that prevent the rapid accumulation of dust.

Clinex glass cleaning products
(photo: Clinex)

When we decide to renovate, we cannot wait to see the results, but we must remember to thoroughly clean the renovated room. We will do this thanks to well-planned work and using appropriate cleaning products. Therefore, cleaning should be treated as the last step of the renovation and treated as seriously as other activities included in it, e.g. laying tiles or plaster.

Cleaning is, in a sense, the icing on the cake, because the better we clean the renovated room or even the entire apartment, the more satisfied we will be, because we will see the best effect of several days and often several weeks of work into which we put time, money and energy. We also have a guide on cleaning window frames after renovation on our blog, which will certainly prove useful when cleaning.


Smooth renovation requires the creation of an appropriate action plan.
In order to avoid dirt in the renovated room, start cleaning it using the “dry” method.
It is recommended to start cleaning by vacuuming all the nooks and crannies.
It is worth using the horizontal cleaning method, i.e. from top to bottom.

The next stage is wet cleaning.

Before starting this type of cleaning, you should choose cleaning products carefully.
Professional detergents can significantly extend the life of given surfaces.
Before we use cleaning products, check whether they are intended for the materials we want to clean with them.
Each product must be used skillfully, so always read the instructions for use on the label.
The vast majority of dirty surfaces can be cleaned using Clinex 4Dirt.
The preparation is suitable for machine and hand washing.

If mineral deposits or plaster remnants remain on the floor after renovation, you can use Clinex M3 ACID.
Clinex M3 ACID is very powerful and can cope with even the most difficult dirt.
After using this preparation, rinse the floor with water to neutralize it.
This cleaning method should be used for both new and old floors.

It is recommended to use Clinex Panel Wood for cleaning laminated floors and panels.
Glazed floors can be cleaned with Clinex Glazur.
If we need a universal preparation, we can successfully buy Clinex Floral.
All glass and similar surfaces can be cleaned with Clinex Glass and Clinex Glass Foam.
Cleaning after renovation should be carried out thoroughly because this will ensure the best effect.

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