Innovation in cleaning sanitary surfaces

Research conducted by NSF International shows that as many as 90% of users of public toilets and bathrooms in hotels do not feel comfortable due to the lack of proper cleanliness. They are forced to avoid contact with waste, but this is not always possible, which not only affects a negative opinion about a specific place, but also contributes to the spread of bacteria and thus the occurrence of diseases that are often dangerous to human health.

Regular cleaning of toilets to remove dirt is not the only activity that helps keep bathrooms and toilets clean. In a place with frequent use, the key issue is protection against dirt accumulation and shortening the time of subsequent washing. For this purpose, a daily sanitary cleaner with active protection, Clinex W3 Active Shield, was created. This protection is extremely effective and is not limited to just removing dirt. Using this preparation, the applied surface is covered with a delicate polymer coating. What does it matter? This coating protects cleaned surfaces and delays the re-deposition of dirt on them. Thanks to this, cleanliness stays longer.

Clean surface and active shield

Public sanitary facilities require frequent cleaning due to the frequency of their use, as well as hypersensitivity to the spread of dirt, bacteria and fungi. Therefore, cleaning agents must be highly effective and make everyday activities easier for cleaners. Clinex W3 Active Shield is a polymer preparation dedicated to the HoReCa sector, i.e. the catering and hotel industries, as well as cleaning companies. It is based on polymers that create a protective film on the cleaned surface, protecting it against the re-deposition of lime and soap deposits and dirt.

The active substances used remove greasy dirt, stone infiltrates and rusty deposits, giving the surface shine and leaving a fresh scent in the rooms. This product is intended for removing dirt from shower trays and shower cabins, bathtubs, bathroom fittings, urinals and toilet bowls, washbasins, ceramic tiles and tiles, as well as all elements made of stainless steel. The resulting protective shield not only has a positive effect on the aesthetic appearance of sanitary facilities, but also reduces the risk of multiplication and spread of bacteria, which is of key importance for guests using public toilets and bathrooms.

We know from biology lessons that in places where there is constant moisture and heat, pathogenic organisms have a good place to live. In this case, Clinex brand products protect sanitary facilities against the multiplication and spread of these microorganisms. You never know what kind of people will use the toilets in a hotel, restaurant or public place. For this reason, special care should be taken to disinfect these facilities. It will definitely limit the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi between individuals.

How to use Clinex W3 Active Shield?

The product is intended for everyday use, focused on the effective removal of dirt as well as facilitating the subsequent washing process.

STEP 1. Apply the liquid to the surface to be cleaned and thoroughly spray it onto the dirty areas.

Clinex W3 Active

STEP 2. For cleaning, use a soft cloth and then rinse the preparation.

Clinex W3 Active cleaning

STEP 3. To protect the surface, apply Clinex W3 Active Shield again, spreading it evenly.

STEP 4. Wait 30 seconds and rinse, then leave to dry completely.

Clinex Active shield

In this way, the surface is not only clean, but also protected against difficult-to-remove dirt, which shortens and facilitates subsequent washing. Even fresh dirt does not stick to the surface. This keeps it clean and tidy for longer.

Sanitary facilities are a concentration of dangerous bacteria

There are places in toilets and bathrooms that are particularly vulnerable to the multiplication of bacteria and fungi, and they should be given the most attention. Contrary to popular belief, the toilet seat is not the largest concentration of organisms dangerous to human health, but due to its use by many people, the concerns of those who use it cannot be ignored. Much more of them accumulate on washbasins and washbasin taps. This is caused by high levels of humidity and heat, which create ideal conditions for microorganisms to develop. The floor should also be cleaned regularly. Splashed water combined with dirt brought in from the outside is an extremely favorable factor for bacteria and fungi.

Clinex wash basin

(photo: Clinex)

Maintaining cleanliness in sanitary facilities should include both regular cleaning of surfaces and their protection. Clinex W3 Active Shield is therefore a preparation with a two-way effect – it removes dirt and impurities, while creating an active protective shield. Its effectiveness and universality are a multi-faceted benefit for building owners, people responsible for cleaning work and guests. One product replaces two different ones, shortens cleaning time and contributes to creating a user-friendly place.

What should you pay attention to when using toilets?

It may seem that using a public toilet, or any other toilet, is so safe that it is not worth writing about. Thoroughly cleaning toilets from dirt and all types of contaminants and disinfecting them will protect against possible threats. The worst threat are microorganisms that multiply whenever they have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, you should always use professional bactericidal and fungicidal agents that have a strong and ruthless effect on all microorganisms.

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