Concentrates, a simple way to save.

The beginning of a new year is a time to analyze what happened last year, but also to make plans for the next twelve months. Facility managers, at the request of owners, are working hard to reduce hotel maintenance costs without reducing the quality of services provided. They ask department managers questions - "What can you do to reduce expenses in your departments?" Particular emphasis is placed on housekeeping, where the consumption of products is really high and often not fully controlled. So – what can a floor service manager do to optimize his department's operating costs? We have a way to save money.

Where to look for savings when running a hotel?

When planning to optimize the expenses generated in the housekeeping department, you should remember how important a role it plays. He must ensure professional preparation of rooms for guests and take care of “common areas”, such as the lobby and corridors. Cleanliness is one of the basic conditions that must be provided by an accommodation facility that wants to maintain its good reputation and meet the requirements of its guests. Cleaning therefore requires the use of good, professional and specialized products. On the one hand, you shouldn’t save on it, but on the other, you can. How? Cleaning products such as liquids, sprays, gels, pastes and milks usually wear out very quickly. So what could be done in this aspect? The best way to optimize costs in this area is to use professional concentrates dedicated to the HoReCa industry. Concentrates are a simple way to save money. They allow you to reduce material consumption while ensuring a satisfactory cleaning result.

Concentrates – a way to save

Concentrates have much greater efficiency than classic cleaning agents. When used correctly, they last longer and are equally effective. Strong concentrates found in professional chemicals allow you to remove even old, troublesome dirt. The concentrate can be diluted to varying degrees, depending on the type and intensity of dirt, which in turn affects the economic aspect of using professional products. What should you consider when choosing specific preparations? You need to focus on professionalism and experience. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at Clinex concentrates, which are dedicated to users in the hotel industry.

Yield calculator – concentrates

On the Clinex website, under most products, there is a performance calculator. This tool estimates the average cost of consumption depending on the degree of surface contamination and calculates the efficiency of concentrates. On the example of the Clinex Profit Floor product, taking into account the low level of dirt (daily washing). From 1L of superconcentrate we can obtain as much as 1,000 liters of working solution, i.e. as much as 5,000 liters from a 5L package.

Performance calculator

See how the calculator works in practice:

The power of super concentrates

“It will be a good partner when cleaning the bathroom Clinex Profit Sanit – a super concentrated and delicate cleaning preparation based on citric acid for everyday cleaning of sanitary facilities. It is safe for cleaned surfaces, including enameled, acrylic, chrome, nickel-plated and plastic elements. Effectively removes typical dirt and deposits found in sanitary facilities, e.g. soap residues. Creates a protective layer on cleaned surfaces, preventing dirt from accumulating. It leaves a shine and a delicate scent. – advises a specialist from Clinex .

Another example of a superconcentrate is Clinex Profit Floor . Designed for cleaning all types of waterproof floors. It has excellent cleaning and polishing properties. Leaves a pleasant and long-lasting scent. Thanks to the use of innovative protective and antistatic additives, it delays the re-deposition of dirt and facilitates the subsequent washing process. On the Clinex website, under the Profit series products, there is a practical calculator of the efficiency of a given product, depending on the degree of dirt.

What about other cleaning products?

In addition, it is worth paying attention to professional products from other series. Clinex DEZOfast liquid concentrate is perfect for disinfecting all waterproof surfaces, such as handrails, door handles, light switches, reception desks or elevator buttons, which is still very important due to the epidemiological situation that has prevailed until recently and has been observed so far.

Another example is the highly concentrated Clinex Scent air freshener available in many fragrance lines. Let us remember how important the smell surrounding our guests is. This issue cannot be neglected, and professional air fresheners will help us build positive impressions and gain good opinions about the hotel.


Concentrated cleaning agents will allow us to professionally take care of the cleaned surfaces, while also reducing the burden on the hotel budget. Using them is a simple way to ensure the guest’s stay at an appropriate level and, additionally, to reduce costs in the relatively short term. More information about Clinex brand concentrates can be found in the article.

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