How to clean grout? Cleaning grout without any secrets

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Grouts are a sensitive place that is often dirty. This affects the unsightly appearance of the bathroom, kitchen and other utility rooms where the walls are covered with tiles. Dirt in the joints are perfect conditions for the development of mold and fungi. This results in indoor conditions that are unfavorable for human health. Sterile cleanliness should be maintained wherever food is prepared and stored. This is why cleaning grout is so important. However, it is worth remembering a few things. How to clean grout? Which preparation should I use? We give you a hint!

Causes of discoloration on grout

Clean joints

A suitable joint cleaning fluid, such as Clinex 4Dirt, effectively removes both dirt and discoloration. It is intended for cleaning waterproof surfaces from difficult dirt. The poor condition of joints is influenced by, among others: direct contact with water that is not systematically removed from them. Additionally, it may be caused by the use of contaminated dishes, lack of regular cleaning, or excessive drying of the joints. The latter phenomenon is caused by, among others, high temperature, high absorbency of the substrate and draft.

Grout cleaning – why should it be done regularly?

Firstly, for the visual effect. Dirty joints can effectively deprive walls and floors of their aesthetic appearance. Cleaning the joints should be an activity that is repeated every time you wash the tiles. Bacteria multiply in dirty grout, and over time, black mold appears. This has an adverse effect on human health. Particular attention should be paid to grout around kitchen sinks, washbasins, showers and bathtubs. Thanks to this, you will provide your employees with better occupational hygiene.

Are you planning to clean the grout? Beware!

Washing joints

Cleaning joints is a task that requires patience, especially in the case of heavy dirt. The effectiveness of this treatment depends mainly on the grout cleaning agent we use and what we use to clean them. How to wash grout? Most of us try to remove stubborn dirt with a sharp tool (knife, wire cloth or hard brush). Such a procedure will not only be ineffective, but may lead to serious damage to the grout structure. As a result, cracks will be created, which will be a perfect place for moisture, dirt and bacteria to accumulate. Moreover, in the case of delicate tiles, we can irreversibly destroy their aesthetic appearance. How to clean the joints so as not to damage them?

Grout cleaner for delicate surfaces

Only a professional grout cleaner guarantees effective removal of all dirt from hard-to-reach places. It is characterized by a unique formula, developed taking into account pollutants that are particularly difficult to remove. How to clean grout? For delicate chrome, painted and acrylic surfaces, use Clinex W3 Active Bio . It has an acidic reaction and can perfectly cope with sediments, i.e. soap remnants. We recommend it for cleaning ceramic tiles and bathroom tiles, paying particular attention to the areas around sinks, showers and toilet bowls.

Liquid for cleaning joints and particularly difficult dirt

Dirty grout

How to clean joints that have been stuck in dirt for a long time? Persistent dirt appears primarily in the kitchen. This is where grease accumulates in the joints and oil residues settle. Which grout fluid? Clinex Fast Gast was created for the needs of catering facilities. It ensures convenient use thanks to a practical sprayer and therefore precise dosing. It can be used to clean all waterproof surfaces, as well as countertops, kitchen hoods, walls and floors. It leaves a fresh scent in the room, which is an additional advantage.

How to keep grout clean for longer?

Cleaning joints with a sponge

After thoroughly cleaning the joints, it is worth remembering to wash them regularly. By using Clinex Fast Gast on tiles during routine cleaning, we will prevent dirt from settling and remaining there. The tiles will remain shiny for longer, and therefore the room will be hygienically clean. By using professional cleaning products, we gain a guarantee of safety and effectiveness. In the catering industry, you cannot afford to have residual dirt. Especially places where meals are prepared and served must be kept hygienically clean. Therefore, using degreasing preparations every time you wash them will keep the grout clean for longer.

Universal grout cleaning liquid

The joints are washed simultaneously with the cleaning of the wall and floor surfaces. Clinex offers Clinex 4Dirt universal grout cleaning liquid . It is intended for tiles, but also concrete surfaces, natural and artificial stone and PVC. Dissolves impurities and removes greasy stains. It will also work well with multi-layer dirt coatings. Its advantage is that it can be used for both manual and machine washing. It is a concentrated liquid that should be diluted with water in proportions from 50 to 500ml/10l. Thanks to its versatile action, it is also suitable for cleaning sanitary facilities and machines.

How to clean dirty grout on the floor?

Mechanical cleaning of joints

The floor is a particularly sensitive point where the joints get dirty much faster. Something will spill, something will splash, or something will fall. During the day, the floor receives a lot of dirt, including persistent sand particles from under shoes. As a result, the joints lose their color, small scratches appear and dirt accumulates. To keep the joints in perfect condition, it is worth using professional cleaning products for universal use, such as Clinex 4Dirt. It can be used for both manual and machine cleaning. It will perfectly remove current and old dirt, leaving the floor and joints impeccably clean.

How to clean grout – practical cleaning tools and equipment

Grout cleaning liquid is a basic equipment of every set, which allows you to remove stubborn dirt. The most convenient to use are sprays, thanks to which we can dispense the cleaning agent. Apply it directly to the grout and leave it for a few minutes. Then rinse the agent and dirt with water. For more difficult dirt, you will also need a narrow brush. However, cleaning of joints cannot be done using tools with hard bristles. Therefore, we choose soft bristles or delicate cloths.

Mechanical cleaning of joints

A man washing grout

In the catering and industry sectors, we deal with large surfaces that are difficult to clean by hand. How to wash grout? Therefore, use special cleaning machines, mechanical brushes or washers to clean the joints. Specialized devices with orbital movement of cleaning pads or brushes work well. We use Clinex 4Dirt grout preparation for this purpose. Mechanical cleaning not only speeds up the process of removing dirt, but also allows you to remove residual dirt thanks to its greater force. Thanks to this, we work more efficiently and definitely more effectively.

Regular cleaning of joints helps to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold. Thanks to the use of professional, powerful agents, we restore the aesthetic appearance of even the most dirty surfaces.

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