How to get rid of dust, dust and insect traces – summer problems encountered in hotels.

Certainly, each of us loves summer days - sun, warm air, the opportunity to enjoy outdoor attractions. Many people decide to go on holiday by renting accommodation such as hotels, guesthouses or apartments. But summer has its challenges, especially for hotel owners and employees. In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of dust and how to deal with these summer problems so that your hotel remains an oasis of cleanliness and comfort even in the hottest months.

How to get rid of dust and dust?

It is impossible not to notice that summer, sunny lighting can highlight small imperfections that might escape our attention in winter. Dust and dust are then more visible, which is often noticeable on surfaces such as tables, shelves and even floors. Insect marks on walls and windows can be unpleasant to the eye, and cobwebs appear in the least expected places. For those who love cleanliness, this is a real problem that may interfere with full and comfortable rest. So how to get rid of dust and other summer problems?

How to make the work of the housekeeping department effective and get rid of dust effectively?

The use of professional cleaning chemicals is, in addition to the use of appropriate equipment, our remedy for problems related to maintaining cleanliness in hotel rooms. Thanks to the right products, the work of the housekeeping department will be more effective and the effects will be easier to achieve and noticed by guests. In a word – the key word here is: “professional”. No cleaning products available in supermarkets or local stores will be as efficient, effective and long-lasting as those offered by a brand dedicated to the HoReCa industry.

“Our preparations are from the shelf of professional products, dedicated to hotels and restaurants. Our clients have been praising their effectiveness for years and recommending them to others due to their speed. The added value is a ready-made hygiene plan for hotel rooms available on our website . Of course, it is also possible to create a dedicated program together with specialists from our company, tailored to the needs of a specific client. – an expert from Clinex praises the products.

The most important thing is the plan.

“What happens suddenly is damned” – says an old Polish proverb. Therefore, even if there is a lot of work, planned activities are very important. You need to remember a few simple rules. First of all, we must prepare all the necessary tools and preparations before cleaning. Then we organize the room’s furnishings and start cleaning. Remember to thoroughly clean the most important elements, such as the bed, wardrobe, desk and bedside tables. However, let’s not forget to check curtains and drapes, TV screens, window sills, headrests and handles and door handles – this is where cobwebs, unwanted dust or insect remains often hide. Then we disinfect elements that are often touched by guests, such as light switches or air conditioning control panels. Finally, we spray a scented freshener into the air to keep the cleaning fresh for longer.

What measures should you use to effectively get rid of dust?

For cleaning washable surfaces, we recommend Clinex Delos Shine , which is ideal for wooden and wood-like furniture. To care for glass and laminate countertops, use the ready-to-use Clinex Glass spray. Clinex LCD will effectively clean television screens. It is best to use Clinex Textile Foam for carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. Finally, the long-lasting Clinex Scent Tasmański Czar air freshener with the scent of delicate sea notes and refreshing grapefruit will give the cleaned room a beautiful scent. It is a combination that creates a clean and fresh aroma that takes you to an exotic journey.

In the summer, you need to pay even more attention to detail and meticulous cleaning of hotel rooms. This is the time when windows are opened more often, allowing dust to enter. The best mosquito net will not protect us against the presence of insects in the room. In turn, the sun, which shines strongly for most of the day, exposes every little dirt or stain on the glass. Therefore, it is worth investing in good cleaning chemicals so that the effects of our work are quick and long-lasting, and products dedicated to the hotel industry become our allies in ensuring the perfect cleanliness of our hotel rooms made available to guests.

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