Liquid soap or foam soap? Which one to choose for the office bathroom?

Soap is one of the basic preparations necessary in every office bathroom. Regardless of whether the office is for the exclusive use of the owner or employees, it must be equipped with basic cleaning and personal hygiene products. Some bathrooms are for the exclusive use of employees, while many are shared by staff and clients. The most important means of keeping your hands clean is soap. It not only keeps your hands clean, but protects them against harmful microorganisms. We have many types of soaps to choose from, in bars, liquid or foam. Which one is best to choose for an office bathroom?

Soap is uneven. So what options are available on the market?

If we want to choose a really good cleaning product for the office bathroom, two types deserve special attention. Bar soap is a thing of the past. Although it has been used successfully for many years, it is not a completely hygienic solution. Currently, two types of soap are very popular: liquid soap and foam soap. Both have their ardent supporters and opponents. You need to take a closer look at their advantages and disadvantages to make the right choice.

Classic and popular liquid soap

This type of soap comes with a dispenser, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria, viruses and fungi on its surface. Moreover, it reaches your hands in a previously developed and prepared optimal consistency. It has interesting properties depending on the selected type of soap. You can choose antibacterial liquid soap, a liquid version of classic gray soap, or exceptionally aromatic soaps with the addition of oils that moisturize and regenerate the skin. If we choose professional preparations, we can choose, for example, Clinex Liquid Soap , which will additionally moisturize the skin of our hands with each use. It is an efficient and easy-to-use preparation containing delicate cleaning agents. Additionally enriched with protective ingredients for human skin, so it does not dry out the hands. Choosing liquid soap is an economical solution. For the office, it is best to purchase a larger canister, which will allow you to refill the dispenser. Liquid soaps are convenient to use, which is why they are often found in office bathrooms.

Foam soap – will it work in the office?

Foam soap has several important advantages. It is very efficient and therefore economical. In the dispenser, it appears as a liquid, but when a portion is pumped, it foams and a very efficient foam soap is created. Foam soap reduces the amount of preparation used and reduces the water consumption for washing hands compared to other types of soap. So you can see the differences in costs.

Another advantage of foam soap is that it can be used even without access to water. This foam is spread over the surface of the hands and then dried with a paper towel. So we can say that foam soap is perfect. Although it is true that it is a highly hygienic and economical product, unfortunately it is also more expensive. Both dispensers and foam soap, due to their efficiency, are a much more expensive solution than liquid soap.

Which soap variant should I choose?

The time has come to confront both types of soaps and to choose the winner. It can be said that foam soaps are better because:

However, liquid soap also has good cleaning properties. Its choice is also supported by a more extensive commercial offer in terms of fragrances and functionality than in the case of foam soap. And most importantly, liquid soaps are cheaper.

However, the final decision depends on the office owner and the costs he is willing to incur.

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