Novelty! Clinex Floral Breeze universal floor cleaning liquid

The Clinex Nanochem brand's offer, along with the first signs of spring, includes a new scent of the product from the Clinex Floral Breeze line, already known to many of our customers. The universal floor cleaning liquid with a pleasant scent has unique properties and effectiveness, while gaining new freshness.

Daily care of washable surfaces – Floral Breeze liquid

Clinex Floral Breeze is a universal floor cleaning liquid intended for all types of washable surfaces. It is recommended only for professional use because, thanks to its high efficiency, it is perfect for everyday cleaning of large surfaces. It cleans, washes and preserves water-resistant floors because it is enriched with antistatic ingredients that prevent dust and dirt from settling. Its undoubted advantage is efficiency – for daily care, use 25 – 200 ml of liquid per 10 liters of water. The upper amount of liquid is also recommended for use when heavily dirty.

Clinex Floral Breeze has a pleasant scent. Therefore, it not only cleans floor surfaces, but also refreshes them and leaves a pleasant, long-lasting scent in the room.

New fragrance Clinex Floral Breeze

The new Clinex Floral Breeze is now available, also enriched with a pleasant scent. Clinex Floral Breeze is distinguished by its fresh scent because it has been enriched with fragrance ingredients that are responsible for the lightness and freshness of the scent. They give it a delicate and at the same time expressive accent. This is a completely new spring product in the Clinex Nanochem brand offer, which is certainly worth trying to see what spring smells like with a breath of summer.

We use Clinex Floral Breeze liquid in the same way as other products from the line. It should be diluted in appropriate proportions with water and then wipe the dirty surface.

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