Apartment cleaning – what to do and how to do it?

Cleaning apartments for rent involves performing the cleaning service quickly and thoroughly. Customers renting an apartment require cleanliness and impeccable hygiene. For this reason, superficial dust removal or simple vacuuming is not enough. When cleaning apartments, a number of activities are recommended to prepare the rooms for guests’ stay in the best possible conditions.

Preparing an apartment cleaning checklist


Cleaning apartments for rent must be done very quickly, because the interval between subsequent tenants can be as little as 3 hours. therefore, it is worth determining which tasks need to be performed and in what order they need to be done. All this to ensure that cleaning runs smoothly and effectively. How to prepare for cleaning the apartment? A checklist will definitely come in handy. It will help us plan cleaning. The checklist should be divided into areas that will be cleaned and then list the activities that must be performed by the cleaning service. Having a checklist will significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the service.

Preparation of professional cleaning products

After preparing the checklist, you need to purchase professional cleaning products . This is important. After all, professional cleaning products used for cleaning apartments are much stronger than those used in homes. Additionally, they guarantee saving time and money. In addition to purchasing appropriate preparations, it is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, you risk making mistakes when using professional chemicals.

Thorough cleaning pays off

cleaning in the apartment

If there is more time to clean the apartment , we recommend thorough cleaning . A thorough cleaning will clean areas that are often overlooked during routine cleaning. What areas are involved? These are mainly hard-to-reach places, such as behind devices, inside cabinets or inside windows.

A well-cleaned apartment will certainly not go unnoticed by tenants. Thanks to this, it will receive a higher rating on various portals related to apartment rental.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the bathroom is crucial

The bathroom is the place that raises the most controversy among tenants. This is the place that must be clean and hygienic. Therefore, you need to take the greatest care when keeping this area clean. How to clean the bathroom in a rental apartment? This is where Clinex W3 Forte comes in handy, as it effectively removes rust, water scale, limescale deposits and soap remnants. To enhance the cleaning effect of bathrooms, you can use Clinex W3 Bacti . The product has strong cleaning and disinfecting properties. For this reason, it is perfect for areas such as bathrooms and sanitary facilities.

Cleaning the kitchen in the apartment

cleaning greasy surfaces

Regardless of whether tenants will cook themselves or eat out, the kitchen in the rented apartment must be clean. Apartment cleaning is not only about vacuuming or changing bed linen. It also means keeping the kitchen and the dishes in it clean.

There must be no fat deposits in the kitchen that do not look aesthetically pleasing. In addition, there is the smell itself, which is repulsive. How to remove fat? For removing grease in the kitchen, we recommend Clinex FastGast . It is a ready-to-use preparation for removing all types of greasy and oily dirt. Thanks to its ability to emulsify fat, it dissolves strong and persistent oil and grease stains and burnt food remains. Additionally, it does not leave streaks or stains on cleaned surfaces.

Check how to clean the grill, oven or grate !

A clean oven is essential

The heart of the kitchen is the oven, which must always be perfectly clean. After all, it is unacceptable to leave the oven covered with grease. How to clean the oven in the apartment? Such a preparation is Clinex Grill , which can cope with the most difficult dirt. Perfectly dissolves and removes even the most baked-on food remains.

Carpet cleaning and stain removal

preparation for extraction washing

If the apartment has carpets or rugs, they must be washed regularly. The fastest method of washing carpets and carpets is extraction washing using a vacuum cleaner. What preparation should be used to wash carpets and rugs in the apartment? For this type of cleaning, it is worth choosing Clinex Textile EXT . Why this particular cleaning product? Textile EXT was developed to meet the challenges of cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery. Additionally, it provides excellent care and revives the colors of materials. It is perfect for removing dirt and grease stains on upholstery and cleaning carpets.

Any carpet or rug may have stains that do not look very aesthetic and indicate that the place is not cleaned very often. When cleaning an apartment, details count, and such a detail are the stains that need to be removed. How to remove stubborn stains? With Clinex Anti-Spot, stain removal will be very quick and easy. Thanks to the unique formula and convenient packaging in the form of an aerosol, the preparation can be applied pointwise to a visible stain.

Change of bed linen

Time for the last point. Cleaning apartments for rent also includes changing bed linen every time tenants leave the rented apartment. This is very important. After all, customers will immediately notice that the bedding is not fresh and has traces of use. For this reason, it is worth keeping this in mind. Otherwise, you may be exposed to negative opinions.

The right smell of cleanliness

Finally, it’s worth remembering one more thing. It’s about the smell of cleanliness. What is the smell of cleanliness? People find rooms cleaner because of the right smell. This is because a pleasant scent has a positive effect on emotions. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the tenants feel it. For this reason, it is also worth choosing cleaning products such as Clinex Floral Blush and using air fresheners that fill the room with a pleasant scent. For this purpose, for example, Clinex Scent Parisian Grace will work well.

We hope that our article will be helpful and will be an inspiration when cleaning apartments for rent. It is worth remembering to use appropriate cleaning products and clean all areas.

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