Removing difficult stains from various surfaces in a hotel

A hotel is a place where it is very easy for various types of dirt and stains to appear, and removing difficult stains is an integral part of everyday housekeeping work. This applies not only to restaurants, but also to hotel rooms, spa rooms and lobbies. It is known - people eat, drink, often walk, bringing mud on their shoes. In hotels that accept pets, there is also dirt from dog or cat paws.

Cleaning stains on upholstery

One of the most common stains that are more difficult to deal with are stains on upholstery. Sofas, armchairs, bed upholstery – these are places that are exposed to dirt and should be cleaned using gentle agents that do not contain bleaching substances. But can such measures be effective? We asked a Clinex expert about it:

Of course! A good example is here Clinex Textile Foam – foam for manual removal of dirt from the upholstery. It does not contain any bleaching agents or brighteners and is easy to use. Moreover, it protects the cleaned surface against further contamination, preventing it from penetrating into the fiber structures. And it is very efficient.

Cleaning stains on the material

Tablecloths, curtains, curtains – these are the places where the little hands of the hotel’s youngest guests love to leave traces. Most often, not only children’s faces are smeared with Nutella, jam or butter, but also their hands. Let’s be honest, however – not only the youngest people sometimes leave traces in the form of various types of dirt. There are also traces of wine, coffee or tea.

Regardless of the age of the stain’s creator and its origin, dirt on materials is usually difficult to clean. And although there are many “grandmother’s” ways to deal with difficult stains, in hotel spaces it is worth choosing professional cleaning products. They ensure that we will get rid of unwanted dirt effectively and quickly. For example, using Clinex Laundry Gel , which is excellent at removing stains. It can be used in all types of washing machines and for hand washing, even at low temperatures. It removes stains, softens fabrics, prevents them from graying and delays the aging process.

Cleaning stains on wood

Wood is one of the noblest finishing materials and undoubtedly gives rooms a cozy and elegant atmosphere. However, this material is quite absorbent, so even despite impregnation, it is exposed to dirt, the removal of which requires special care. Wooden surfaces are easy to scratch or discolor. They do not tolerate being poured with water, strong detergents and intense scrubbing.

So how to deal with difficult stains, for example coffee or tea, on wooden surfaces?

Of course, using specialized cleaning agents dedicated to this type of material . – answers the Clinex brand expert – It is worth choosing a preparation that is gentle but effective at the same time. If it is concentrated, it will serve us for a long time. How quickly it dries is also important – a preparation that dries quickly will not leave any streaks or stains. Ideally, it also leaves a coating that protects the wood against dirt re-depositioning.

And if it smells beautiful – what more could you want?

Tough stains

Finally, a few words about the types of stains that may keep Housekeeping department employees awake at night. It is normal that they encounter stains from food or drinks, mud and cosmetics on a daily basis. They know from experience how to deal with such situations and have a whole arsenal of agents for this type of dirt.

However, there are also less typical dirt: glues, tar, resin, ink from a printer or stamps, traces of stickers, or candle wax. In such cases, it is also worth choosing professional cleaning products. Those that will remove the mentioned stains without damaging the cleaned surface. One such stain remover is, for example , Clinex Anti-Spot . This is a preparation for use directly on dirt, with very effective action and high efficiency. It deals with all difficult stains quickly, even removing chewing gum.

To sum up – where there are people, there are stains. When taking care of the cleanliness of hotel spaces, it is worth purchasing appropriate professional cleaning products. Then cleaning will be both effective and spectacular.

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