8 disinfection areas in beauty salons

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We are currently living in a rather strange reality caused by the coronavirus. This dangerous "stowaway" who came to our country from distant China spread fear and uncertainty. It paralyzed virtually all countries in the world, and humanity seemed to stand still. We look at the growing disease statistics with disbelief, and the frozen economy faces an extremely difficult challenge. Until a vaccine or cure is found, we must learn to live with the coronavirus. This strange time, which will go down in the history of every country, poses new challenges for us. Many industries have already felt the effects of the coronavirus. This also includes beauty salons, which have been closed for several weeks. However, there is hope that everything will come back to life, but unfortunately under completely new conditions imposed by the Sanitary Inspectorate. How to prepare for the reopening of beauty salons?

Beauty salons during the pandemic

The gradual unfreezing of the economy and the return to operation of beauty salons is undoubtedly a long-awaited moment for many of us. It is particularly important for the owners of such facilities, because they will be responsible for the proper maintenance of the sanitary regime in the salons. However, for many customers this is also an important stage that they look forward to.

The coronavirus has changed our world. It changed our approach to life, our daily habits and forced us to learn to live again during a pandemic. The fear of the Covid-19 disease caused by the famous coronavirus paralyzes almost everyone. However, the statistics in our country are promising. Thanks to the quick reaction, today we can talk about any unfreezing of the economy. Beauty salons, like other public facilities, have been completely closed. All this to minimize the risk of spreading the dangerous virus from Wuhan.

This pause gave time to prepare an appropriate plan to return to the new normal. Beauty salon owners already know that their business will soon come back to life. However, they must prepare appropriately for this moment. Professional disinfection will be a key aspect, often deciding whether a customer will visit a given salon.

What areas in beauty salons should be disinfected?

A beauty salon is a place where we must take special care to maintain proper hygiene. Disinfection in such facilities is nothing new, but it has always influenced the safety of treatments. However, during the pandemic, it will cover a much broader scope.

The reopening of beauty salons requires proper preparation and management. All above-floor and floor surfaces, as well as tools, should be disinfected. To ensure a high level of safety for customers, salon owners will also have to ensure frequent disinfection of door handles, light switches and all handy items and countertops. All washable surfaces in toilets and waiting rooms should also be disinfected on an ongoing basis.

It is worth adjusting the schedule so that clients come for treatments one at a time. Making an appointment by the hour will keep the waiting rooms from being crowded. After each client, it will be necessary to professionally disinfect all surfaces with which they had contact, i.e.:

Therefore, all work surfaces should be disinfected after each client. Sterilization and disinfection of tools is also a process that must be performed after each procedure. We also cannot forget about large surfaces, such as floors and even walls, especially those in waiting rooms and toilets. Sanitary surfaces should also be disinfected after each client.

A weapon to fight the coronavirus, i.e. professional disinfectants, as an essential element for returning to the market

Professional disinfectants that fight coronaviruses will be an indispensable weapon in the fight for the health and safety of customers. It should be emphasized here that not all cleaning and disinfecting preparations available on the market are able to neutralize the coronavirus. Therefore, during this difficult time, every beauty salon should equip itself with professional preparations for surface disinfection. The Clinex brand meets the expectations of beauty salons by offering an exceptionally effective DEZOMed disinfectant. It is an aldehyde-free cleaning and disinfecting agent available for direct use. It is worth emphasizing here that it is definitely different from generally available disinfectants. The key difference is the fact that it does not work on the basis of alcohol, which is often deadly to various surfaces. The Clinex brand is a product that is much gentler on the surface than other preparations of this type that are alcohol-based. Nevertheless, it is equally effective when it comes to fighting coronaviruses, which gives it an advantage over other disinfectants.

DEZOMed by Clinex has been developed in such a way that it is ruthless against all fungi, bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, but gentle on cleaned surfaces. Therefore, its spectrum of action is very broad, much broader than other preparations based on alcohol. In contrast, DEZOMed is based on didecyldimethylammonium chloride, which allows the agent to be used on all washable surfaces. Even frequent use does not carry the risk of corrosion or other material damage. Therefore, this product belongs to the group of professional disinfectants adapted for use, among others, in beauty salons.

Clinex DezoMed

Frequent hand disinfection of staff and customers in beauty salons

We also cannot forget about hand disinfection, which will be a basic hygiene rule. Hand disinfection gels should be available to all customers. It will also be necessary to ensure that the customer disinfects his or her hands after entering the salon.

Clinex DezoSept

We are all looking forward to the reopening of beauty and hairdressing salons. When that moment comes, many people will want to use their services. The element that determines the choice of a salon will undoubtedly be the level of safety that will be guaranteed to customers. Especially in terms of hygiene. Therefore, salons that provide professional disinfectants and comply with sanitary requirements will certainly not suffer from a lack of customers.

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